Monday, December 21, 2009

and the winner is...

Hamburg, Germany!!!

Yes, the next country on our list is officially Hamburg, Germany.

Not for visiting... for living. :)

This was never our intent when we arrived in Denmark, 25 months ago. We had definite plans on going right back to the United States. We even left a huge container of our things in storage thinking this was just a little two year "excursion".

Things don't always go as planned though and we are shipping our storage container to Germany now. :) I want my stuff... Plus the thought of filling a shipping container full of American things... knowing what I have learned over the past two years!!! Wow, talk about a HUGE treat! Who wants a crock pot or musical instrument?? :) My dear husband thinks he is putting a dirt bike in it. :) I will fill it full of canned food... cream of everything, spaghetti o's, pumpkin pie!! Oh, the heavy things we will pack!!!!

So Hamburg it is. We already have the work permit and the work contract so the paperwork is all in order, all we need is a house for six! That's the hard part I'm afraid. Either way, house or no house... within the next three months I think we will have left our beloved Denmark.

Truth be told, I will miss Denmark. I just recently found out how to buy roast beef. I know where to get butternut squash and cottage cheese. Just the thought of "un-enrolling" Scotty from his school makes me sad. Scotty finally successfully said "Vil du lie" to a friend and the friend said YES! This was really exciting for Scotty. (Do you want to play?) I have made such great friends and so have the girls ...and this is the only house Andrea has lived in, she likes it. :(

We will make Germany work. It will be fun. In Germany I will have to learn German, we all will. in, take classes and really learn it! I will have to figure out grocery stores and, again, moo at people in the meat aisle to confirm I'm buying beef. I'll have to find activities for the kids. I'll have to figure out how to ride buses and trains... I'm excited though. Having moved to a totally new country before I know what to do and what NOT to do. It's just three hours south so we can see all our friends still... that makes it less sad for us to leave. It will just be another adventure... a German one!!

Good job Happy on being smart and important and supporting your little family of six... :)


Craig said...

Hamburg...yeah! Now we just need to know when you'll be settled in, so that we can come over for a visit. And "German" is already better than my "Danish"...which isn't saying much. Having a German speaking Grandpa from Switzerland should help right? Even though he died before I was born. And Happy 40th to Paul.


Live, Play, and Read Together said...

Congrats!!! We'll come visit you after you come visit us :)

I miss you!! My plan is to call you tomorrow.

seasonticket said...

Wow Germany! You will LOVE Hamburg. It is great there.
Germans are really good with people who are learning their language (in my experience)

No mooing required ;)

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Since Hamburg is our fave concert location, I have a feeling we will see more of the Happy crew in the future!!! So glad you have a REAL DESTINATION! makes it much easier to relax now!

C and H Romenesko said...

Yipeee! Can't wait to hear about your new adventures...and who knows, maybe we'll be back in Europe?!?!

Ingrid said...

I don't know why everybody are so excited... :-(( . We will miss you A LOT here. But we are happy for you of course.
It looks like you had a great Christmas. So did we. We just arrived around midnight from Sweden and I haven't had time to read much more then this post. I will do that later on.
Tomorrow is the big planning day for our three Swedish families coming over for New Years Eve.
We all look forward to see you soon again. Hugs.


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