Thursday, December 10, 2009


I woke up really sick on Monday at 3:00AM. I had terrible stomach pains, and by 7:00am I thought I was in full labor. It hurt so bad. I was not a happy little American.

I decided something was wrong so I called the Emergency Room to see if I could go in. They said, "No, call the after hours doctor." So I called the after hours doctor...

I explained to the after hours doctor that I have had children before and this was the same kind of pain. I couldn't stand up. I couldn't talk. It was exactly like having contractions! :( At first the doctor told me to wait and go to my regular doctor when he opened in an hour. If I would have said okay and hung up I would have hated Denmark with every inch of my body... but I didn't because I've been here long enough to know that what you want won't happen unless you push for it. I said I can't wait, please help me. The lady said she would call me back in five minutes.

HA. Yah, right she would call me back. It wasn't looking good for me. BUT.... She did call me back!! She told me a doctor was on the way. I questioned her for three minutes... maybe there was a translation issue. A doctor was really coming to my house???

Sure enough, 15 minutes later a doctor is in my bedroom giving me a shot of some wonderful drugs and I felt instantly better and went to sleep. Seriously... 15 minutes later and a doctor was making a HOUSE CALL! How super cool is that??!!! I loved that doctor. I loved his little black bag full of various drugs... I loved Denmark! I thought Dr. Quinn was the only one who made house calls... they don't really do that anymore... ahhh, but I guess they do!

Of course he did diagnose me wrong... and so did the next doctor I saw later that day. :) It wasn't kidney stones or a bladder infection or appendicitis. It was a yucky stomach bug that has now gone away on it's own. (PS - A pregnancy test confirmed I wasn't pregnant. I just got to have the pains one more time...)

I'm happy to be healthy again ...and so is my family. Michaela had to stay home from school on Monday to help with Andrea. Paul is really busy at work and had to leave for Germany Tuesday night... but the girls saved the day again. Michaela made canned soup for dinner for all of us and they both helped with the little ones.

The house, and family, are finally recovering from mommy being off duty for two days. :)


Ingrid said...

Big girls are super!!!! Well done Michaela! Good to know that you are better. I was in Sweden during Monday, but IF I were home, I really hope that you should have called me and asked for help!!! Would you????
Great that you were in Denmark long enough to see that there are nice doctors here :-) .
Ben's dad was also sick and it sounds a bit like that you describe and they talked about kidney stones... Have you talked to E?
See you later on today!

Colin said...

That's impressive. I suppose once they realise that your only other option is going to be to call 112 for an emergency ambulance that they might as well save the cost of a trip to the hospital and send someone out. But I really had no idea they would do that.

PiNG aka Patti said...

How cool!

And, I love your Christmas decorations :)

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I love that you had a modern day Dr. Quinn...VERY COOL! And the new background rocks!

Michaela Lizzy said...



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