Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lists are good

Happy has gone to Germany to work all ready.

Our countdown has begun as well. Movers show up on the 9th. (9 DAYS!!!!) We'll live in a hotel for the week while the kids finish up school, and then we will pack up the cats and drive to Hamburg on the 12th. (12 DAYS!!!!)

I'm only a little bit stressed, but I am compensating by making lists and it seems to be working. Once I write something on my list it's almost like I consider it "started"... like cleaning my floors. I HATE cleaning my floors so I just keep writing it on the next days list and I feel better about avoiding it.

I currently have seven lists stuck to the wall of my kitchen:
- Things to remind Happy to follow up on
- Things NOT to pack
- Things TO pack for hotel stay
- Things to do NOW and get them over with
- Things for Happy to do this weekend
- Things I need to do on specific days (There are really 12 of these lists... one for each day.)
- Names of people that have RSVP to our Movie Night and Sleepover party this Friday.

Yes... When you are feeling busy you should invite the entire school over to your house for a Movie Night. :) THEN ask the girls to stay and spend the night. :) This will be fine though, it will help the week go by faster because I've decided that waiting for the move is the worst part. I just had a scary thought.... When Scotty gets big I'll have to invite BOYS to spend the night. Boys are crazy. :) Girls just sit around and giggle.

So that is my moving plan. It really won't be hard. Really... Movers come and pack it all. I have three days of an empty house so I can clean it. ...and I have a handful of moms I know I can call if I get stuck. I don't even have to leave at a certain time; no planes to catch, no deadlines, no school until March 1st. I don't need to be anywhere in any hurry... la la la... my life is one big relaxing event. :)

So I'll go to bed now... without cleaning the floors. :)


Engelskmedkelli 08c said...

glad you skipped the floors! That wasn't on the list!! LOL
Cannot believe you are almost gone! WOW!!!! Let me know if you need anything from us that would help!

Engelskmedkelli 08c said...

oh wait...that was me.. Kelli..forgot I was logged into my classroom blogger! LOL

PiNG aka Patti said...

I like your lists. But, I'm sorry you're leaving! :(


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