Monday, February 1, 2010


One house we looked at in Germany had "normal" doorknobs. Sierra noticed and said, "LOOK!! American doorknobs!!" ...and this was her sole reason for wanting this particular house. :)

This is an American doorknob. It would be found on a door inside the house.It is nice and shiny and round. I didn't realize I haven't turned one of these doorknobs for a long time! Yes, they do lock! You just push them in and turn... wallah, it locks. Some even have little buttons on them that you can push and it locks. I miss these doorknobs. I think they are everything a doorknob should be. :)

These are the doorknobs we have now. I guess I'll have to call them "Danish Doorknobs". :)We can't ever lock these doors because none of us trust the key will unlock the door. It's an old looking key like you would see from... I don't know... A really long time ago when doors were invented. Plus, where do you put the key when you aren't using it? In our family we put them all in a box when we moved in so we wouldn't lose them. :) It makes sense to incorporate the lock into the knob, and with all this "Danish Design" you would think someone would take a break from designing chairs and come up with a useful doorknob locking design.

But here are our new German doorknobs...
Pretty unique I think. :) Sierra also noticed these and made me take a picture of them. I am now noticing that the "German Doorknob" is facing the wrong way. I hope that doesn't confuse anyone. :)

Now that I've typed the word "doorknob" that many times... and thinking that I could find more people here to refer to as doorknobs than actual doorknobs... I realize that doorknobs might not be called doorknobs at all here. After all, they are not knoby. Maybe they are doorHANDLES? A handle is on something you carry though. Duh.

While typing this I had decided that maybe I could install some good American doorknobs... but it probably hasn't been done because I'd probably need a new door. ...and that would probably be too many euros for me just to turn a round doorknob every now and then.


PiNG aka Patti said...

I have issues with these door handles - I constantly manage to snag something on them and get whipped back a foot or two as a result. Harder to explain, but if you've experienced it, then you know.

franziengland said...

Howcome I have missed this interesting doorknob information?! I know what Ping means that I sometimes become catched by a dorrknob, overwise I don't have any problems with them, but of course it is because I don't know anything better.
So Denmark, Sweden, England and Denmark are all the same. Don't you have any of those in US? The keys sits in the lock all the time except IF you have children. Then you hang them above the door so you don't loose them and have them close if you need them, but the children can't get them. As simple as that, but maybe it doesn't look that nice.

franziengland said...

So do you have problems with not so nice people writing comments to you since you have changed your blog to you have to approve the comments before publishing?


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