Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein

I checked out four kindergartens for Scotty yesterday. Germany makes Denmark look like the most welcoming and inviting place on the planet. I love Denmark. Germany can bite me.

I can't believe the responses I got from these nasty little child care providers. Aren't people who work with kids supposed to be nice and friendly and capable of a smile?

Two kindergartens told me they were full. Fair enough, but one of them had me come back three times before the main lady finally get off her lazy butt to come out into the hall to tell me they were full this year and next year. Yah, well super for you lazy butt lady. (Waldorf)

Two kindergartens actually told me they wouldn't take Scotty because he didn't speak German and he didn't have a German parent. Hello DUMB PEOPLE. He's a little kid... he'll learn German like he learned Danish... (good enough to get by with little kids). I had a long talk with one dumb woman that ended with her asking me if I'd really leave my son with someone who didn't speak English, I replied with, "well yes, but not you"... (although she was speaking English!!!!!) ...but then we had to leave. (Montessori)

SO there was my magical day dragging Scotty in and out of places that just kept telling us no. Nobody smiled. Nobody talked to him. Nobody was nice, polite, friendly, helpful. As far as I'm concerned I hope that everyone I dealt with today gets the flu and throws up for a week. (Wishing people would die is bad. Don't do that. Throwing up for a week.... yes, these evil women deserve that.)

I will now hover around the international school to get a spot and be happy about it. I'll even go in today and schmooze with the Admissions lady... I'm not beneath that.

(Found the camera cord so I'll have some pictures today.)


Anonymous said...

I will make little voodoo dollies of those nasty ladies and then put them in a shoe box, put on the lid and then jiggle it about. Hahaha.

Germany is Denmark's older half sister who never got quite enough love and had to do the washing up. And missed out on learning English. She's bitter, but I guess once you get to know her, whole seams of loveliness will open up.

Give it time, give it time. Denmark was a bitch too, but remember, in the end you missed her. Okay, well maybe just today. That will probably pass too.

Z :)

PiNG aka Patti said...

This sounds awful :(

I wanted to give you the link to another blog, not sure if you're already familiar with it..

She's in Germany and has children so maybe she can give you some tips on dealing with the 'system'!

Anonymous said...

hey i can see Germany has not changed much...
i left switzerland in was awful and iam glad i did...leaving in the usa is the best thing i ever did..

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara!

My name is Kristina and I came across your blog while I was searching for links for some new people in my expat group.

I'm originally from California (SoCal, near the L.A. area) and have been living in Germany (near Düsseldorf) for about 8 years now.

I saw that you just moved here from Denmark and got to read about your "German kindergarten" experience. Welcome to Deutschland. :-P

I have to tell you that although I don't have kids myself, I do have a lot of friends who do and I get to watch and hear everything they go through with the system here. I really wish you and your kids a lot of luck. As advice I can offer this: try to curb any emotions you initially get about this place and as quickly as you can, try to get yourself and the kids in the habit of "doing as the Germans do." It probably won't be very easy but if you can manage it, it'll be much easier on your adaptation and you'll hopefully experience less resistance and obstacles.

If you need any tips or advice in navigating things here or perhaps just some moral support, feel free to shoot me an email! You're lucky to have had a buffer with Denmark but Germany really is an entirely different animal and not an outwardly hospitable one at that... at least until you find your niche.

I wish you the best. Email me anytime at

Kristina (in Kempen, near Düsseldorf) :-)


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