Monday, February 8, 2010

Last Monday in DK

All my lists went in the garbage.

Now if I think of something I just have to do it. (except for the floors) The movers are coming tomorrow. 8AM. Which means my kids will go to school early so I can get back here on time... or closer to on time.

I think I might have it under control... maybe. I hope it works out okay. I'm kinda impressed with us right now. I'm not frantically running about so that is a good sign. I'm sitting, relaxing, and drinking my chocolate milk. Thanks for helping Michaela and Sierra!

I even fed the kids a good dinner with veggies involved. :)

A light just fell from the ceiling and shattered into a zillion pieces.... really - I didn't do anything, it just fell. I'd add it to the list of things to fix but, as I mentioned before, that list is in the garbage. They might just have to bill us on that one, BUT I didn't do anything, it seems a clip broke and it just fell. I have Sierra and Velcro as my witnesses.

Tomorrow we are headed to a friends house for dinner, so if I can just survive until I get there I know it will be fine because she will have toys and lasagna. I also decided to check into the hotel early and have the movers take everything away tomorrow... Now I only have to deal with movers on one day so I will have an extra day to clean up, etc...

Paul just called me with his new German phone number. Only 11 digits not including the country code. Why so long?

I'm going to go start on Scotty's Fastelavn costume... He's going to be an iPod. :)

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