Monday, February 15, 2010

Poozles Thoughts

I forgot to mention my little Poozle and the emotional trauma she has endured during this move. :)

Packing up our things were easy... on the first day. The second day as they started packing up the remaining toys and the TV she became less amused with the situation. When our house was empty and I was spending my joyful days cleaning it she was beside herself. It was fun empty for a while I think... like eight minutes... but then she wanted her things. She'd run into a room and just plop down on the floor and cry. It was sad. I had to clean the house while she had a nap in the car... which only gave me two hours.... which is why I will probably spend a weekend in DK cleaning WITHOUT kids. :)

She was okay in the hotel... kinda. One night she slept, the other she didn't... but I think these two days she had a fever from her MMR vaccanation last week. So I was feeling pretty sad for her.

When we arrived she didn't show much enthusiasm for our new home. It was really cold the first day... She didn't want to be put down at all. She was tired from her three hour drive here. She missed Denmark and the only home she has ever known. That night we slept in a hotel and she was okay with that.

She has become more happy and poozly as the days go by. I think as we unpack more and more of our familiar things she is getting happier about it. She is finally getting adventurous enough to wander off into rooms on her own now. :) And there are lots of rooms for her to explore. :) We have a secret living room.... Nobody knew it was here for an entire day. :)

I'll have pictures and movies later. Today maybe. :)

Kids are up. BYE

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