Sunday, February 14, 2010

First day in new house!

Oh, is today Valentines Day? I felt terrible this morning not having any heart shaped muffins or pancakes for the kids. We didn't have any heart shaped sugar cookies either... I didn't even get them a card.... Terrible mother. Poor Children.

Mommys can move holidays you know so we've postponed Valentines Day until further notice. :)


Getting Here: I picked the kids up from school on Friday and already had the cats in the car. We left a pile of people on the street waving to us until we couldn't see them anymore... It was like a movie. :) ...and just made us cry more. It was so sad to leave all our friends. I felt bad for making Sierra's friends sad... :( At that point I would have said nevermind if I thought I could have pulled it off.

We just started to drive to Hamburg where Paul had been at our new house with the movers who had been unloading our things all day. Friday night we didn't try to unpack anything... we just put together some beds and got the TV and Wii going. :) ...then we went to a cute hotel. Luckily for everyone Andrea slept that whole night because I was exhausted... My last three Denmark days had been pretty tiring. But THANKS to all my friends for helping me those last few days.... you know who you are! :)

We woke up on Saturday, ate breakfast, and drove straight home. :) We were greeted by our new front door that we couldn't get open because a key had been left in the keyhole on the inside. So we had to call a locksmith. A German one. :) I took the girls to find a (warm) grocery store and the boys stayed home to get into the house. :) Super huh?

We eventually got in and the girls went right to unpacking their rooms. They are pretty good unpackers and as I sit here on Sunday night their rooms are pretty much done. We need to have an all day shopping event at IKEA though. Sierra needs some shelves. Michaela needs a closet. Scotty needs nothing. Andrea needs something... :) IKEA is where we will be spending our next Saturday. :)

So yes, we made it. No, our skype phone isn't up and running yet. I can't email everyone back right now because the girls are clamoring for the internet so they can email their friends. :)

Tomorrow the girls will go to their new school to take some placement tests and have a look around. I'll be trying to buy a shower curtain and toilet paper and something to make a real dinner with. Sounds simple enough but don't be too certain... I'm suddenly very confused and unsure about anything... even buying milk and hotdogs for lunch yesterday was hard.

It's been snowing ever since we arrived. I'm not allowed to complain about how cold it is so I won't tell you that my toes are numb... even with my fuzzy socks on. I won't mention that Andrea has to wear her footy pajamas all day to keep warm. I won't even say that I have stacked boxes in front on windows in a sad effort to keep the drafts out. I hope some curtains help. :)

The house is fun though... it's becoming obvious that we are living in two apartments that have been combined as one. :) We even have a bathroom and another bedroom and closet that we don't even consider part of the house. :) I think it was maybe even an entire different apartment at one point.

The lady who lives below, the owner, is very nice. She brought us some flowers and said hi to the kids. She speaks very good English so at least I can ask her when the garbage man comes and where the post office is. :)

Andrea is crying so I'm not going to go re-read what I wrote.... hope it makes sense. :)


Ingrid said...

It make sence and I am glad to hear that your stuff came there in good shape, that everyone seem to be ok, that you are going to spend sometime at the nice Swedish IKEA, that you are in such good mood that you could both read my blog and get upset about it ;-) and that you seem to have a really nice and big house (it will soon be warmer days).
I wish I could have helped you more your last days here, but you are strong! It was horrible to see you leaving and it was a very hard day for Malin. Today she took her first train trip by herself for 3 hours to my parents where she will be for some days. She got ear rings today because it is Valentines day. Nobody else has celebrated that in our family. Pretend you are Danish/Swedish and forget about 'bad mom', 'it is just a thing for the stores to earn more money', so just being you is much better than that.
Hugs to all of you!

PiNG aka Patti said...

I'm exhausted just reading this so I can't imagine what you're dealing with! We're going to miss getting together with the Happy clan!

DreaminginDanish said...

Go Happy family! Well done!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I LOVE that the lady downstairs brought flowers!! Sounds like a very SOUTHERN thing to do! (maybe she is a closet Texan!! LOL)
Glad you are settling!


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