Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Last Tuesday in DK

The movers came today. I was SO THANKFUL to have movers!

It took three men all day to pack most of my things... that would have been three full days if it was just me, and if you add in interruptions from my four children, it would have been more like three full weeks... I packed to move here and it was terrible.

I haven't really felt the stress yet. No real deadlines though so I'm just taking it easy... la la la... that's my relaxing life you know. Too bad they packed all my bon-bons or I could have curled up on the couch with a magazine and munched on a bon-bon.


So my movers did not speak any English. Not a bit. When they arrived we stood in my living room and stared at each other for a while. Then I called a friend who understand German more than she could speak it, but whatever she said to them worked because they just started packing after they handed the phone back to me. :) Maybe she threatened them? :)

This house is partially furnished so many furniture items stayed... I was trying to explain this to them. We started pointing at things and saying "Hamburg" or "Denmark". It worked. Then they gave me stickers and told me to sticker everything that should go to Hamburg. :) Andrea liked this... she liked peeling all my stickers off. I didn't realize it of course until I saw her fighting with five stickers stuck to her hand. She was a good girl though, didn't even give the movers a second glance... and they were big, burly German men so they weren't all that interested in her. She even took a nap as I told the big German man to pack quietly. :)

What I thought was really cute is that Sierra had made signs for her room and Scotty's room... "Welcome to Scotty's Room". The big, burly movers saw this sign and started to write Scotty on his boxes. Sierra's boxes are labeled Sierra or Steve.... her sign was written in cursive. :)

So most stuff is packed and loaded. The beds, TV, and computer are still here so we stayed at home instead of the hotel. Thanks Lindsey for the dinner tonight. It was good to go somewhere warm since our doors have been open all day and -3 cools the house off pretty quick!

They come back tomorrow to finish I think. I mostly guess what they will do next and hope they guess why I'm leaving bags of chips and sodas out on the counter for them. :)

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Anonymous said...

ME, threaten nice German removal guys??!!... Hey I didn't even see them... Maybe they were "cute" ;-))))


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