Sunday, February 7, 2010

Under Control

My friends love me! I had some great going away "parties" on Thursday and Friday with my friends... Really, I don't know if I'll ever find a group of moms as fun as these ones. I can't see how it would be possible. If the Hamburg moms are not nice to me my Aarhus moms will come beat them up though... it's been arranged. My friends here are wonderful. You don't get friends like this in the "regular" world... you just don't... and you couldn't explain it to someone who hasn't experienced it.

All these families understand what moving away from everything is like, they understand how important something like an American magazine or a can of cream of celery can be... I'll always be happy for Denmark because I know I will have these friends forever. :) Awwwwhhhhh... ...really though.


Sleepover and Movie Night were great!!!! I can't believe how many kids were here to watch the movie! I really did pop every popcorn kernal in my house. I ran out. .... no way were those kids getting my kettle corn though. :) I took some pictures but my lovely daughter Michaela and her friends have misplaced the camera... (Go look again Michaela!)

The sleepover went well too. I don't think the older girls went to bed until 3:00am, but oh well, you are only 11 once and this group of friends she has is great, I'll miss them too. At the breakfast table the next morning Michaela pointed out, a few minutes after I had thought it in my head... there were six languages sitting at the table: English, Danish, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish. How cool!

Now that parties are over and I only have the move left to think about I have been having occasional bouts of anxiety over the past 24 hours. :) Paul had extra fun with the lists I had for him over the weekend. He was almost done on Saturday so I had to add some more things to keep him busy for Sunday... no day of rest for the man moving to Hamburg in two hours, BUT leaving his wife and kids to finish up in Denmark - on their own.

As for the other five of us.... I have it under control.
- Tonight we will pack suitcases for the next week.
- Monday I'll start on the floors... really.
- Tuesday, my new plan that I came up with ten minutes ago involves having the movers take everything and load it in one day so I don't have to deal with movers coming back on Wednesday and I can just start cleaning the floors that, let's just be honest... I didn't start on Monday.

That is my Three day plan. See, I have it under control.

P.S. To dry off patio furniture it gets to take turns dripping off in your shower and bath tub. :) ...then it goes to the garage. I don't know what happened to the trampoline but Paul took it apart and it's somewhere. :)

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Ingrid said...

No other mom would arrange a sleepover annd movie evening for 25 children less than a week before moving!! You are fantastic and will be missed by everybody here! Ã…rhus will be much more boring without you! Thanks for having my kids over. They thought is was SUPER!


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