Monday, April 12, 2010

Came and Went

Nana and Papa came to Hamburg... but now they are gone. :)

After a short 26 hours of traveling from California my parents finally arrived in Hamburg. Don't feel too sorry for them though because they crossed the ocean in first class lying on big comfy beds. :)

They arrived Friday afternoon. We had a nice relaxing weekend and celebrated Easter yesterday with an egg hunt and a visit from the Beloved Easter Bunny. That rabbit even hid the eggs outside this year! He was just lucky our killer cats didn't get him! So Easter was fun. Next year I will deprive my children of candy for the five months prior to Easter though, this way they will be excited to see all the candy! We always have candy around the house and it's made my children immune to the "excitement" of it. :) Guess that is kind of good...

Anyways, this morning Nana and Papa stole my two oldest daughters and off they went again... to Berlin. They took the train to Berlin and will spend two days there seeing the sights. I stayed home with the two little ones because... well, they are a pain sometimes. :) The girls were excited to get a special trip away with Nana and Papa and I'm sure they will all have fun.

As for me and the two little "pains". :) ...we will be headed to IKEA, the store I curse every time I return from it. I will buy the eight things I want and quickly leave. ...Maybe stopping for dinner if things are going well. I have to get some sheets for my friend, Ingrid, when her and her family comes to visit us this weekend!!! (YAY!!!!!!!) Ingrid laughs at me that I only own one sheet and just use duvet covers, a practice that even confuses my mom. I must admit I'd never thought of owning a duvet until Paul came around. I think it was mUm who started it. :) BUT... Did you know in Sweden when you go to visit a friends house you BRING your OWN sheets!!!?!! If Ingrid brings her own sheets to my house I will feel offended... so I HOPE SHE DOESN'T. :) :)


Ingrid said...

Great fun, ha ha ha! Of course we will bring our sheets, you know we always do and it is easy! Please let us. But if we come and visit you in US some day we would love to not bring our own sheets over the sea :-) . I just wonder if people DON'T bring their own sheets in US and you don't have any extra.... how does that work...
Well well, we REALLY look forward to come and visit you.
Are your girls free from school this week, or you have just taken them out for a Berlin trip? It sounds fantastic for them to spend some time with their grandparents on their own. But I guess you already miss them ;-) .

Laura said...

interesting! Did not know that about bringing your own sheets in Sweden.


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