Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fooled Ya'

Did anyone believe my freezing children were warm?


The girls were bribed with candy to put on their swimming suits and go outside in the freezing cold for my April Fool's "Warm Picture". :) It started to rain as we all ran back in. Brrrrr... At least I didn't taunt anyone with the possibility of a Target like last year. That would just be mean! (I just re-read the comments... hee hee I tricked you all.)

I had a really hard time figuring out new tricks to do to the kids this year... I had already used up all my super best ones. I came up with a few. :)

#1 - I woke the girls up saying I just finished translating the letter I got from their school last week and it said there was school today to make up for the extra snow days they had!! "Hurry and we won't be late!!" :) Hee Hee. They jumped out of bed and got ready... then I told them there really wasn't school. I should have made them walk the whole way there! That would have been funny.... :)

It was on. Now they knew it was April Fools Day.

Sierra reciprocated by pouring coke and milk together and telling me she made me coffee. :) I was surprised it was coke and milk. It was quite the unique taste. :) Good job Bear.

Then Sierra tricked her sister by replacing the 1.5 percent milk with the 3.5 percent milk that Andrea drinks. :) I still smile about this one... just because it was funny that she would think of it! Drinking Andrea's milk is a huge deal to them. :)

My #2 joke was breakfast. I cut a hole in the middle of their toast and cooked their egg in it. Not really a trick, just amusing and something I always wanted to try. Scotty was mad about this one. :)

My #3 joke was lunch. I made them grilled cheese sandwiches... real ones, right in front of them, with Sierra staring at me the whole time to make sure I didn't do anything "weird". Of course at the last minute, I served them my pre-made cake and orange frosting sandwiches. :) Scotty was okay with this.)
My #4 joke involved eating dog poo. We are babysitting a little dachshund for some friends. I started yelling and saying he pooed on the kitchen floor... but it really was a melted chocolate concoction I had made and then put on the floor... As I was getting mad at the girls for not paying attention to the dog I "tasted" it. :) I couldn't help but laugh as I dipped my finger in the "poo", and then they figured it out.

My #5 joke was dinner. I made some Chicken and Mozzarella Italian BBQ sandwiches... I was impressed with myself actually, they looked just like the picture on the magazine. (KP would have been so proud!) The kids, however, were not excited about eating this and whined as I made it. ...BUT I secretly had Paul pick up McDonalds on the way home from work. I left a big pot at the front door for him to fill with the McDonalds food... Then when I served dinner I brought up the pot and they were happy to see Cheeseburgers and Chicken McNuggets! :)

No more jokes, I'm all out. I have no idea what to do next year... but I guess I have a while to figure it out.

Scotty played jokes on me all day too... but they were "throw-the-banana-peel-behind-the-couch", and "barricade-mommy-in-the-kitchen", and "put-cheese-on-Andrea's-head" jokes... Still cute. He's trying. :) He loved being "tricky" all day.

I'm still surprised how much our family enjoys this holiday! Guess I should step up my tricks now that the girls are getting older... watch out next year!!!

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Mads and Kelli said...

You are evil. Pure and simple. LOL
I admit, I am still harboring feelings from last year's TARGET trick... LOL
Hope you had a great April Fool's!


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