Friday, April 16, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...

My parents left today. I dropped them off at the airport... and then the train station... and then the airport... They just wouldn't go!!! I couldn't get rid of them!! They really wanted to stay here in Hamburg with me. They love me...

Not True. :)

So. Every flight from Hamburg has been canceled today. Airport is closed. Every train leaving Hamburg is full. All because of a Volcano in Iceland. It's hard to understand why though because I'm sitting here looking at a clear, blue sky. It's not like it's raining lava on us or anything.

My parents were supposed to fly to Barcelona today to be ready to leave on a Cruise on Sunday afternoon... That wasn't working out so they re-booked their flight to leave tomorrow afternoon... but who knows if tomorrow afternoon would be any better... AND it wasn't worth risking since a 7 day Mediterranean Cruise is on the line. :)

So we went to the train station and tried to get a train. Everyone else beat them to it though. The train station was full of people trying to do the same thing.... resulting in no available trains.

Now their two choices were to wait and see if their Saturday flight would leave or... drive.

Better to be safe than stuck in Hamburg for a week being bitter at Iceland and Mother Nature. they rented a car and decided the 16 hour drive could be a fun adventure. Wheeeee!!!! Hey, why not swing by Switzerland on the way there? :)

No cars left at the train station, so back to the airport...

I finally said goodbye to my parents for real and now they currently on route to Barcelona... by car. Let's all hope they make it there by 3:00 pm on Sunday!

Just another adventure huh? :)


Ingrid said...

Thanks for a great weekend in Hamburg! It was really fun to see you all and your hospitality was super! We do miss you here in Århus, but we understand that you will have a fantastic time in Germany. The brand new school looks so nice and your house and the neighbourhood is really something extra. I wish I had my parental leave there, since than I could have walked along the streets and looked at all the nice houses forever :)) .
Especially we liked the 'dome' even if we didn't see any priests around...
Good to know that your parents made it to the cruise. Rikard's parents are now on their way home to Sweden from Turkey, on a bus! They will tonight sleep in Vienna (not to bad if you ask me, but I don't know if they share that opinion...) .
Rikard didn't make it to England and we are just happy to have him here with us instead.
Once again THANKS and lots of hugs from all of us!

Dirgni said...

Poor you, no new post here for SO many days. I understand your horrible guests left you with a LOT of dirty sheets and a house to clean. Hopefully they wont come back in a long time.

Tara said...

Is that Ingrid backwards? :) I almost got mad at that nasty comment!

a rat.



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