Saturday, April 3, 2010

I yelled

I tried to call the phone company today. That was a special treat.

I get the automated answering service which wanted to direct my call to the correct department... I think... because sure enough it was ALL in German with no English options. I've run into these before and can usually push "0" or "*" or "#" and get through to a real person... Not with this one. It wanted me to TALK to it. It wanted me to SAY what department I wanted to be transferred to! It didn't give me any number options to push. Wheeeee....

Out of the five German choices it gave me I picked the one that sounded the easiest and tried to repeat it. I must not have done very well because it gave me all the choices again. I tried another one. I thought I did pretty well, but not good enough for the computer to understand what I was saying because it gave me the options a third time. I tried "German Option" and it worked! I was feeling pretty proud of my German skills as the phone started to ring...

A person answered and I asked if English was okay. He said, "Nein". That's it. He didn't say anything else. I asked "Sprechen sie English?". "Nein". That's it. He STILL didn't say anything else. As always I just kept speaking English, "Is there anyone else there? Do you have a friend?" "Boss?" "Colleague?" He kept responding with German that I didn't understand at all. Then he hung up on me.

I was so mad. Scotty would say, "He was a poo head."

I had to call back and go through saying a German password to get in again! I eventually made it through but not by correctly repeating a German word, because I tried three times with no luck so now I'm pretty irritated and tried telling it off in English for a while. I was pretty rude to the answering machine. I got out all my frustrations though and it worked. Soon I heard the "waiting music". I did it!

It didn't matter because the woman I got didn't speak English either. She seemed to know that it was me and I think she was probably sitting next to Guy #1 I just talked to.

I eventually hung up with her, went online and found another number to call. I called it and got the same dumb German answering service that wanted me to speak German again. Using my new trick I told it off in English. I got through to a new voice, but when I asked if she spoke English she just started laughing. I was not as amused as she was, but I really needed to talk to someone! She felt sorry for me I think and found a guy who was willing to speak a little English.

He told me to write a letter to the customer service department. I'll try it, but I think this will be a job for Happy's assistant. :) ...because we obviously need some assistance!


Craig said...

Sounds like it's time for you to learn some Deutsch...or better yet, get your kids to quickly pick it up! Easy for me to say right. All I have to do here in the U.S. is speak English and a little Spanish sometimes comes in handy (not to be confused with "handy" the German word for cell phones). :-) Dad.

P.S. We see how I struggle to get by in Germany....see you in 4 days.

Ingrid said...

Oh, how hard very easy things can be when you don't know the language. BUT there should be SOME people under 40 years old who know English, wouldn't it? Really frustrating!
You will meet lots of poo head, I guess. Keep up! You are doing good!
But I agree with your dad, some German lessons would help maybe.


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