Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekend Guests

Since my mom and dad took off last Friday in a CAR for their journey across Europe in a desperate attempt to make it to their cruise ship in Barcelona... we needed some more guests.

(P.S. My parents made it on time and last I heard they were sitting in Pisa happily eating ice cream.)

Anyways, my favorite Swedish friends from Denmark came to visit us last Friday. :) Their family is great, we like them! :) They have two girls the same ages as Michaela and Sierra and a boy who is a few years older than Scotty, but the perfect age to love wii just as much as Scotty does.

I was SO HAPPY that they drove to come and visit us! It was great to have friends around and take a break for the endless organizing that has overtaken my life. :) We all just hung out and did "stuff"; then we met another family at the Hamburg Dom.

Nope, this is not a church, although Dom means church so I don't know why this carnival was called "Dom". :) For a while my friend thought we were headed to church. :) The Dom was a HUGE fair type thing with the biggest portable rides I've ever seen. We spent the evening there; eating and riding rides... This Olympic Roller Coaster was Michaela's favorite ride; she was SOOO happy to discover she was tall enough!!

I can't believe this ride is NOT permanent... it arrived in Hamburg, in pieces, in a truck, and then someone put it together like a piece of IKEA furniture.

I miss my friends. I'll just tell myself that... I'll make new friends and they will be special too. Making friends takes time and making good friends takes even longer than that. ...At least this is what I tell the girls, but I know it's hard to believe. It is true though because it happens everywhere I go... I have a friend collection all over the world. :)

I went on a date with another mom today. I wonder if she likes me? :) I was going to email her and say I had a nice time, but I think I should wait at least a couple days... :) :)

For the record one night in the Happy Hotel will cost two jars of Hellman's mayoNNaise. Ingrid rocks and brought me four jars of the REAL Hellmans mayoNNaise. She also taught me how to spell it. :) I can't believe I'm importing from DENMARK!!!

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Ingrid said...

We like you too!!!! Nice people like you will make friends whereever you go, so don't worry. Actually I think you should take your time and find out some really nice friends that will last for a long time. But if you liked that friend, send an e-mail immediately, I am sure she would be just happy!
It was SO easy to drive down to Hamburg, so I wish we could have stayed here a little bit longer so we easily could have visited you again. You really have to rise the price. Two jars is way to cheap for that standard!
Have a nice weekend!


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