Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April Fools!!!!

I've had so much fun tricking my children (and you) all day. I'm surprised how much I have amused myself today! I found myself just laughing throughout the day about all my little tricks. I'm even smiling now just thinking about it. I never knew how much I loved April Fools Day. :) I've just discovered it's one of my favorite holidays!

SO for starters... let's clear this one up. Nope, no Target in Denmark. That was mean and I actually felt bad typing it. ...but then I smiled. ...and I smiled all day as I read comments from poor unsuspecting, and hopeful, wannabe-Target-shoppers. I even had to delete all the comments that made reference to April Fools Day too - wouldn't want to spoil my fun. :)

After I wrote my mean Target story. I woke the kids up and began my day of "fun" with them. I gave them toast for breakfast with jello in glasses instead of juice. HAHA #1 :) Scotty, however, did NOT think this was funny; he thought it was "BAD".

On the way to school I turned off the car in the middle of the road and said we ran out of gas. I made the girls walk the rest of the way to school. :) I waited for them to turn the corner that leads to the school, then I started the car and drove past them with the window down laughing and yelling, "April Fools!!!" :) HAHA #2 Ahhhh.... still makes me laugh to see their little faces.

My favorite thing was their lunches. I packed them all of our plastic toy food. :) HAHA#3 I put a bottle of water and plastic food in their lunch bags and then gave their teachers a brown bag with their "real" lunch in it. Sierra did NOT think this was funny. (She does now though.) Thinking of this made me laugh out loud all day... on the way to school to pick them up I was just laughing in the car for no reason other than I couldn't wait to see what they thought. I felt like I was 10 and couldn't stop giggling. I thought I was just hillarious! :)

HAHA #4 - Their "real" lunches.... weren't so real. I gave them individual bags of chips, which would have been a special treat. But I had opened the bag, took out the chips, filled it full of carrots, and then glued it shut again. :) I made this better by giving them a "cheese sandwich" made out of pound cake and orange frosting. I threw in some real real food just out of pity. :) ...and they can have the chips tomorrow.

Ohhhhh... I wasn't done quite yet. When they got home from school I had made some "fish sticks" as a snack. I took them out of the oven and gave them to them. This one everyone was happy with though because the fish sticks were really vanilla wafer cookies coated in peanut butter and rolled with crushed cornflakes. :) HAHA #4

So today was a productive day and I'm exhausted from all my tricks... and staying up so late last night to prepare them all. :) It was fun.

It also made me happy that Sierra and Michaela wrapped up a big rock and gave it to me as the present they "made for me at school". I'm glad they joined in on the fun!

This is definitley one of our traditions. I've tricked them every year, but it's always involved dinner though. Meatloaf muffins with mashed potato frosting... Corn made out of yellow starburst... Clear kool-aid as water... :) This time dinner was safe. OUUUU I've even thought of something for next year!!! It's a good one!!! :)

...and I'm sorry for any "Almost got to go to Target anxiety attacks" I've caused.


Kelli Nørgaard said...

ok Miss April Fools Turkey.... remember, Paybacks are hell! :o)

Except you are safe... I CAN NEVER think of cool stuff like that!

And I was googling news articles for about 30 minutes using the words TARGET and DENMARK and HORSENS after I read your blog... oh was fun while it lasted!

honeypiehorse said...

You are a Minx

Half-baked said...

You are so inventive! I can't believe all the different tricks you came up with, and the resourcefulness of gluing a bag shut again!

Garkbit said...

Very amusing, but I hope you're saving up for all that therapy your kids are going to need.


Archaeogoddess said...

Ach! You got me. But then I am notoriously easy to fool. Unless you are a Nigerian with a business proposition for me - Dude, if you are reading this, I am SO on to you!!

C and H Romenesko said...

Soooo funny! Chuck had a great laugh when I told him about Target. Actually, it was an 'eyes watering' laugh, so he loved it. And he loved that I fell for it :(

Hope the guilt doesn't get to you!


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