Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here she comes!!!

Andrea is taking crawling steps with her arms! ...her feet and lower half never move... but she makes her arms go forward!!

Writing about this would never convey how incredibly cute she is... so here is Poozle thinking about crawling. She's been doing this for two days now. :) I couldn't decide what movie to put on here because each one makes me smile, so I put all three - it's my blog and I can do what I want. :)

You can tell she's concentrating so hard, but then sometimes she gets so excited at the thought of whatever she is trying to get at, that she falls. She often gets stuck and Scotty yells, "She's stuck!!!", which is cute in itself. Scotty gives her a lecture once I have her sitting up again, he tells her she's not very good and that she should just "Stay there or you get stuck."

Her "scooting" makes me happy... it makes everyone happy, everyone in the house cheers her on, even Scotty... But then until I realized that in 54 days I will have this little, MOBILE child on an airplane for 11 hours. 11 hours of trying to contain a little girl who's only concern in the world is what she can can get at to put in her mouth next. Toss in a three year old and you have a party!!

Scotty is feeling better, he really wanted to go to bornehaven today to ride bike #3 (the bikes have numbers written on them - Bike #2 is "bad", Bike #4 "is okay", and I haven't heard anything about Bike #1... in case anyone is wondering). I let him go to school, but I know that he'll need the potty before lunch.... so I used my best Danish translator to write a note to his teacher explaining the situation and to watch out! I hope she gets the point. :) I think/hope he'll be fine.

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Julie said...

Tara - On our 4.5 hour flight to CA, we pay for Tristan to have his own seat and it's worth it just for the extra space! I know it's probably way expensive for International, but I would have gone nuts without the extra seat for him (we checked his carseat in on the way back too to give us even more room since he would only stay in it the first hour anyway) I hope it goes smoothly for you!


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