Monday, April 20, 2009

I went to the beach!

It was nice and sunny today (again) and pretty warm, so in an effort to be happy and enjoy Denmark I quickly packed the kids in the car and drove to the beach. - The beach should more appropriately be referred to as the "shore" or the "edge of the land". It's not a California beach... by any means. Or at least not what I think of when I think of a "beach"; it is some sand, rocks, a few shells, and some tiny waves just big enough for kids. It good enough for us and is pretty and relaxing.

Anyways... we took a blanket and a towel and played in the sand for an hour or so. Sierra dug around in the sand happily. Michaela watched after Scotty and played with him... and I created a wind barricade with the stroller and all engineered all of our belongings to protect little Andrea from the wind.

At the beach today I had a Huge Mess Realization:;If you decide you don't care whether or not your child makes a huge mess of themselves your day will be much easier. - Today at the beach Andrea sat on the blanket with a cookie as happy as can be. I had a bib on her but she yanked it off 32 times, so I stopped playing the "put-the-bib-on-Poozie" game and gave up. However in an effort to mantain a clean baby I started wiping her mouth with a wipee after every few cookie bites ...and like a normal eight month old she verbally protested everytime I did this. Finally I gave up and let her just make a HUGE mess. She was happy and I was happy... until I had to finally touch her and all her drooly, slobber-cookie-glory. I just dipped her in the water and she was all clean.

Kidding. I did not put my child in the freezing water.

I'm hillarious. ...SO. I think we have a few more days of sunny warmth before some rain comes back, but I'm pretty sure the worst of the weather is over. The sun gets up pretty early too... so do all those dumb birds. As an "ex-bird girl" I should love all those little Passerines out there but I HATE them. ...4 am and they are chirping all over the place like I live in a giant bird enclosure at the zoo. Birds are great to listen to in the afternoon, but I don't want to have anything to do with them before 7am.

That was our day in case anyone was wondering. Paul missed out. He is in Germany again, but should come home Thursday in time to see the girls school plays on Friday. We have another work dinner to go to this weekend too... but I don't think my babysitter can handle Andrea though... I don't know why. I need Nana. :) I'd actually buy a plance ticket for Nana just to have a good worry-free babysitter for a couple weeks! :) Nana want to come over this weekend and watch the kids? mUm? :)


Nana said...

I'd be there in a flash if it didn't take so long! I will be more than happy to watch her when you come to visit. On a side note...we had 95 degree weather yesterday and today but it should get back to more spring weather in a day or two. Too hot too soon!!!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I am guessing that if Paul is in Germany and you DID NOT take the bus to the beach....then U HAVE THE CAR!!! Woo hoo!!!

honeypiehorse said...

Do you ever come to Germany as a family? Pretty adventurous driving a family of four out to the beach in Denmark!

Archaeogoddess said...

No kidding about the birds! I got half way out of bed this morning because birds = time for AG to get up... but realized it was only 4:30 and sent myself, grumbling, back to sleep.

Ingrid said...

It is so fun, you found out problems I have never ever noticed :-) ! As a mum I sleep whatever happens, if I have a chance, and no birds in the world would disturb me, ha ha.
Today is my birthday and I plan not to do anything boring in my house, but I guess I still have to pick up the kids, help with homework and drive the taxi as usual.
Where is the sun? Is my birthday and today it disappears :-(( .
Unfortunately we can't help with babysitting this weekend. We would have loved to, if we didn't have Swedish guests over.
Have a nice day!


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