Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here Michaela...

Michaela has requested I write something on my blog.... I've been so busy this week, but here goes me catching up with our life wonderful activities.

First, and most importantly. It has been sunny and relativity warm. Friday morning Scotty woke up and wanted to go play outside at 7am as we were getting ready for school. So he played as the girls and I got ready for school... then he hopped in the car with a bagel and juice box as his breakfast. He is cute.

Thursday night I had a babysitter and went out until MIDNIGHT! :) Our friends are moving back to the States this month so Pauls' work had a "going away party" for him. It was cute - they had a big American flag hanging up and no pickled fish products of any kind were served! I was scared to leave Andrea since last time didn't go so well but I called at 10:30 and everyone was asleep so that made me happy.

...and this family who is moving back gets one 20 foot container to fill up... SO! That means lots of their unused American things come to us. We got their peanut butter, grape jelly, frosting, and so much more! It was better than Christmas!! They also have a daughter who is a bit taller than my girls SO we got lots of new clothes too! So they have seriously saved us five suitcases of imports... now I can bring different things back.. :) I REALLY hope they know how much we appreciate all their "donations". Since they've been carrying their peanut butter and cake mixes over an ocean for three years I'm sure they do. :) Thanks Erica!!!

Friday was our movie night. We had ~35 people over to watch Madagascar 2... In English. :) I took a picture of us all watching, but I was just thinking it would have been more amusing to take a picture of my house after everyone left. I think all the popcorn crumbs everywhere are funny... good thing I think it's funny huh? :) It's just popcorn though so it gets vacuumed up pretty easily. ...this is why I only give out popcorn and water ...and why I'm willing to do it again.

Today (Saturday) was nice and sunny again; we did nothing in particular... although I did have things we needed to do since we are going to Poland in a few days. We did go out and try to buy Scotty a bike. We had finally talked ourselves into spending $100+ dollars on a bike for Scotty and piled the whole family into the car. The only problem is that we got in the car at 12:45 and EVERY BIKE STORE IN DENMARK closes at 12:30. So now he doesn't get a bike for tomorrow since EVERY BIKE STORE IN DENMARK will be closed tomorrow too. As soon as Denmark starts to complain about their economy at least they can very quickly solve the problem by opening the stores so people can spend money in them.

I'm off to bed now... don't feel like getting the camera for pictures - sorry!!


Michaela said...

?= one letter
t b hppy ? nd pctrs
tell me if you can read this.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

and Michaela has even commented! WOW!!!

and I love all the hand me down food products you got!!!! Christmas in April!!
We leave for the US in 52 days and my list keeps getting bigger and bigger!!!!

Nana said...

Michaela, does it say
"to be happy I need pictures"?

michaela said...

crrct nn gd jb. ? wll ml y ? prjct t d n yr ml. chck t!
good luck with this one nana


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