Thursday, April 23, 2009

Super Best is the Super Best!!


Super Best has a real American isle!!!

- Pop Tarts
- Hershey Kisses
- Cake Mix and Frosting
- JIF Peanut Butter
- Grape Jelly
- Skittles
- Root Beer and Dr. Pepper and other sodas
- Shredded Wheat
- Marshmallow Fluff
- Dryer Sheets
- Weight Watcher food
- Chili
- Salt and Vinegar Pringles
- Enchilada Sauce
- Muffin Mix
- Cookie Mix
- Salsa
- Lucky Charms
- Mustard
- Heinz O's (like spaghetti Os)
- ...and more!

Sounds good and I'm excited. BUT a box of Cake Mix is $18.00!!!! I about died! $18.00??!! I could import suitcases of cake mix and pay for my plane ticket this way! Actually I'll make this into a math word problem for Michaela:

- I have one 20 foot container that costs $5000 to ship from California to Denmark. In America I buy MANY boxes of $1.00 cake mix. How MANY would boxes of cake mix would have to fit into my container to make a profit considering I could sell them for $18.00 each when they arrived in Denmark? ...and would they fit?

Frosting was $10.00. A small tiny bag of Hershey kisses was $10.00. It was hilarious to see the prices!! I paid $20 for a six pack of Root Beer and $4.00 for a single serving of Lucky Charms. :) I also got a can of the O's to see if Scotty approves, they were only $4.00.

They also had things from the UK. Marmite? Shreddies? and some other things that may make some British people happy. :)

Needless to say my daughters were excited for Root Beer Floats. (It only took us an hour to find plain ole' vanilla ice cream that had not been violated with marzipan or black 7-11)

I do think that SuperBest is getting their food shipped from a "food from home" website, which is smart. What is really smart is that they put it in the store next to the Danish Language school where all the forgieners learn Danish. :)

Kelli, I looked - No Crystal Light or Tea Drinks (I can't remember what exactly it was you addictivly drink.) :)


'Babs' said...

no way!!! Which Super best is this???

Tara said...

I don't know street names... It's a few blocks from the main library. Which is near the music huset..

There is a "square" with Super Best, Super Brugensen, 7-11, and parking in the middle (that you have to pay for!). - That's why I've never been here, I've refused to PAY to park just to go grocery shopping. :)

Good LUCK!

Archaeogoddess said...

It's in Vesterbro Torv - I saw the sign!

So the question is: if you only had $20 to spend - which American product from SuperBest would you buy??

I have got to get me some root beer! I know SuperBrusen across the street has cheap plain vanilla ice cream.

There is free parking if you loop around up some of the streets (by up I mean go up hill). 'Course, that means you have to then shlep your groceries UP hill...

May said...

Stumbled onto your blog from Kelli's blog, and what luck! I'll be checking out our SuperBest in Herning, I haven't had a root beer float since 2001!

They can keep the marmite, though. :)

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Ok, I am going to superbest in Herning tomorrow! Or is this another APRIL FOOLS JOKE?!?! :o)

and my drink of choice is Crystal Lite Peach Tea. :o)

Tara said...

I'm the girl who cried "American Goods", nope I swear... USA aisle!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't park in the middle of the Vesterbro Torv square.
SuperBest at Vesterbro Torv has their own customer parking on their roof. Just drive up the hill to the left of SuperBest and turn to the right 10-15 meters up the hill and you will end on the parking roof.

And SuperBest has plenty of different plain vanilla ice creams to choose from. Was just in there and saw at least 4 different kinds of plain vanilla ice cream.

C and H Romenesko said...

Is this another April Fool's joke??? 28 bucks to buy a cake mix and frost the darn thing....I'd rather buy a shirt! Are you going to stock up with your 30+ suitcases this summer? Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...


The price you wrote for the American cake mix in SuperBest is wrong, the price is much lower than USD 18 for one pack.
I don't know if you remembered the price wrong, looked at the wrong price tag or made a wrong currency conversion?

The correct price for Betty Crocker cake mix at SuperBest is DKK 48 (USD 8.43) for 1 pack and DKK 80 (USD 14.05) for 2 packs.

Tara said...

Hi Anonymous #1,
I didn't look for ice cream in Super Best, I thought I had some at home. I made the mistake of checking Lidl and Netto first. Then I figured I'd spend the big bucks for Baskin Robbins from 7-11. ...since it was a special occasion.

Hi Anonymous #2,
I probably would have translated 80 kroner to $18.00...

80 is almost 100 and 100 is $20 and $20 is almost $18...

I was in there again today, maybe a box brownie mix is 80 kroner?

Hi May,
If you can't find any Root Beer in Herning you'll have to make the drive with Kelli some day to good ole' Aarhus! Let me know how it goes!

Hi Archaeogoddess,
Only $20? I'd buy:
- 1 can of Root Beer (15 kroner)
- 2 servings of Lucky charms (40 kroner
- 1 small bag of Hershey kisses (50 kroner)

HA - $20 for chocolate, some cereal, and a can of Root Beer! Maybe I should just feed the poor somewhere... $20 for that stuff makes me feel selfish right now for some reason.

What about you? Have you been in there?? What did you get? ...and what is your favorite kind of ice cream here?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara,

No it's 2 boxes of brownie mix for kroner 80 and 1 box for kroner 48.

Their fancy digital LCD price tags flashes between the price for one box and the price for two box.

Tara said...

Hi Anonymous,

First of all... do you know how hard it is to spell anonymous? Geez... it's even hard to type! :)

I like their fancy price tags. ...but didn't realize they change. I'm kinda impressed with that. I may need a movie of it for the blog. :)

If it's only $10 for one brownie mix, that's not such a bad deal by Danish standards of pricing... :)

Anonymous said...

The smart thing about these new digital price tags is that they can sit by the computer in the back office and update all the prices for their weekly offers etc. Then the computer transfers all the updated prices wireless to the price tags. So they don't even have to go out of the office and into the store to change the prices.

Tina said...

Greetings from Morocco! My husband and I have been offered a job in Copenhagen and so I've been checking out all the blogs I can find and of course came across yours! I really appreciate learning some of the "real" stuff but I have to admit that I'm in shock over the prices. I thought we paid a lot for stuff here! Well, I was SOOO wrong! Isn't it almost worse to put in there in front of you and charge prices that no one can afford? So mean!
Anyways! Just thought I'd leave you a note since I'm enjoying your blog so much!
Tina aka Travelingmama


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