Monday, April 27, 2009

Plan for Day 1

I'm feeling very grumpy today so I'll write what I will do as soon as I arrive in America. That will make me happy.

It will be late when we finally arrive in California, but I will most likely want to eat something. I just googled In-N-Out Burger in Woodland, CA. While I was typing I was remembering they don't have one... so I was thinking of what else would make me happy. BUT - I read they are opening one in Woodland!!! If it is open by then, I will definitely go there... I'll have a double double and fries! YUM.

The next morning we will probably wake up at 4:00. Never fear though, because in the wonderful USA there are always things to do at 4:00 in the morning! So Denny's for breakfast it is... Hashbrowns! Yum!! or Nations... I'll have to google them later. I'd rather have Nation's hashbrowns - WAY bigger portions! :)

Afterwards it will still be early so we can always go to Target for some aimless roaming of the aisles... We'll buy some sandles or flip flops... since we don't own any. I'll buy some fun, cute, and yet very unnecessary baby items for Andrea... and Scotty will get a frisbee and ball (so he can play with them at grandma's. :)

That's all the typing I have in me now because I am hungry but have nothing good to eat.

Scotty has been sick and we can't go more than 50 feet from the potty... It's been great.


Ingrid said...

Yeah, I also want things to be OPEN when I need it! We always miss some ingrediences for the food on Sundays while we have visitors here from Sweden. Can we go buy it? Nope!!!
Maybe we should by a helicopter together so we easily could go shopping in Sweden (better then nothing :-) ).

honeypiehorse said...

Yes, when will we get Sunday and all-night shopping over here???

Maryanna said... have the right idea heading off to In-N-out! It is amazing how much I eat it when I am at home visiting! What is in Woodland? Did your parents move?


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