Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I want to SCREEN!

WHY ARE THERE NO SCREENS ON THE WINDOWS??!! ...and I don't care how many reasons anyone can come up with - they will never be good enough. How are you supposed to leave a window open without a screen to keep all the bugs out?

SO. In my ongoing attempt to bring American-ness to my Denmark house... today I built screens. :) Well, I made one... and maybe I should have waited for Paul because I ran into a few engineering problems and a slight design flaw. Whatever though... I have a screen on a kitchen window and the hour I spent on it was well worth it when I saw THIS!
I spoke out loud to this spider. I said, "HA!! take that you dumb little Danish spider... I'm from America and we don't let ugly little bugs like you into the house." Michaela will be so proud. I'll make one for her window next. :)

In my opinion, I feel the lack of screens is a HUGE problem with Danish homes. The windows all over Europe are very modern and they look really nice. It's fun how they open all kind of odd ways too, but I haven't seen one that slides up and down or right to left like in the States. Windows that open don't leave much room for screens because they would open right into the screen. Windows that slide are just right for screens. :)

No air conditioning + lots of windows + 16 hours of sunlight = 1 hot house.

You have to open the windows or you will melt... and once you do.... in come the bugs. Ewwww...
Paul took a picture last summer of our kitchen ceiling COVERED in bugs because the light was on and the window was open. I hope this years "new and imporoved" screens keep them out better.

Oh yah, that little design flaw I talked about... Remember my before mentioned statement: "Windows that open don't leave much room for screens because they would open right into the screen." I am so smart I put the screen on the inside of the window!!! TA-DAAA
...but now I can't reach through the window to open, close, or lock the window ...because there is a screen in the way. The best darn screen in Denmark I might add. :)

Scotty helped take care of Andrea while I was crafty with my screen. :)


Pete said...

There are companies in Denmark installing screens too.

Here ar examples for 3 different types of windows. Maybe you can get inspiration mount your own screens on the inside where you can still open and close the windows.

'Babs' said...

We have, so far, one screen door and we aim to have all the windows done with screens by next week.

One of the first things that I noticed about Denmark is what a lot of flies there are here. Most people invest in a lot of yukky fly smackers and the man of the house sits with one by his chair in the summer, I've seen more than one stereotypical Danish husband thwack to death a fly with a fly smacker and then toss it in his ashtray without leaving his easy chair.


I think there are sooo many flies here because there are more pigs than people and because the pig poo is spread liberally everywhere to make things 'grow'.


But yeah, way to go with the screening, it's needed.

Archaeogoddess said...

We always end up getting the sticky tape that hangs from the ceiling to go in the kitchen. So gross, but better than flies in your yogurt. We can't get screens for the windows yet, half of the stupid windows open in as well as out. Stupid fake double-pane windows! I wonder what the historical preservation society would do if we put screens on their precious windows?

Archaeogoddess said...

@ Pete: Oops, I forgot, Pete, thanks for the link, because those might just work for our fancy historical preservation society mandated windows!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Wait till you read my upcoming blogs.... one is coming about that first fly that entered my screenless window! The first of many more to come! ICK!

Julie said...

I would have done the same thing as you...I can't stand the thought of bugs getting in the house! You did a good job since it blocked out that huge one!


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