Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Holly is gone, but I've been so behind I didn't even mention she was here! :(

Holly's husband had to work in Denmark so she got to hang out with me for the week while he "slaved away at the office". :) We had a great time with Holly, she even babysat for two nights so I could go the back to school nights at school. :) Nice of her to fly in from Illinois to babysit!

She didn't come just to babysit of course, she really came to make cookies! She has the best recipe on earth for peanut butter cookies... and now I do! HOWEVER, I have been sworn to secrecy and as I'm typing this I hope I can remember where I "hid" the recipe. Now as I am typing this I am coming up with the plan to get some of the frozen cookies out of the freezer and cook some for Andrea and me. :) So yummy...

Our week:
Holly and her husband, Chuck, got to see the city on Monday... and Monday was cookie baking night while I went to the school. Sierra really enjoyed this and Sierra has been taught proper "rolling" and "squishing" and "timing" techniques.

On Tuesday Holly and I went on an adventure to Stade, which came highly suggested to us. So Tuesday morning, we dropped the kids off at school, entered Stade into the GPS, and off we went, with instructions to "park under the crane"! I was a little nervous because Holly is a world class traveler, but Stade was a huge success. We followed city center signs and found the crane and parked without any drama. It was the cutest town ever!! Andrea was an angel child that day too... walking everywhere and even sitting in the stroller for a bit. Oh, except for the nice German couple she scowled at when they mentioned she might be cold.

We even had time to get lunch, during which Andrea was an angel child again! THEN a super-cool friend collected my boy from school so we could go to the grocery store... Holly wanted to bring some things back to the states. HA! Who exports here?? She wanted chicken stock powder, tomato paste in a toothpaste container, and kinder eggs... and some other candy.

Guess which one is illegal in America?

Kinder Eggs. I wonder if she got them across the border okay? :)

Kinder Eggs involve an inedible CHOKING HAZARD inside the middle of an edible CHOCOLATE EGG. That's insanely dangerous. :) With this thinking they should quickly outlaw grapes and hotdogs because I think more kids choke on those.


Wednesday and Thursday Holly took off to Berlin. Friday we did some shopping and Andrea was a angel child again as we ate lunch at a Bagel place. I won't make any comments about Holly's husband showing up nearly four hours late to pick her up so they could drive to Copenhagen in time for an early morning Saturday flight to Norway! I was happy to spend some more time with her. I don't think she was excited about it since it meant a midnight arrival to DK.

Great week with a friend. Holly, you're welcome back anytime!!! We miss you!


Ingrid said...

She truly is a GREAT friend! Lucky you having such friends!
So you are also having all those meetings at school at this time of the year... The only thing I do is going back and forward to our school for meetings. Thanks to that I have learned very quickly to drive on the "wrong" side.
All your talk about cookies made me so jealous that I had to run out to my refridgerator and grab a superduper yummie readymade dessert that they have SO many of here. I LOVE this one from GÜ.
You don't have that tomato past in US? They don't in Denmark either... (Something you have in common, ha ha.) I buy it all the time in Sweden since after being responsible for that assortment in our company I know that packging takes best care of the product :-) (if it is an aluminium tube?).
Oops, I didn't know about the Kindereggs! All children over here likes them....
Take care! Hugs.

C and H Romenesko said...

Awe, Tara...I miss the Happy family too....and my time in Europe. Hold on to your hat....there might be another trip in our future. Unless it's just a 3 day thing, then I'll send Chuck solo, but with a boatload of magazines I just found :-)

Thanks again for letting me crash at your place. And, I loved baking with the girls. Sierra was a star helper! Maybe I should borrow her to help out with my big dinner parties :-)

PiNG aka Patti said...

I must have more information about "chicken stock powder". What's that about? Can I get it here?


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