Monday, September 27, 2010

Driving Legally!!!



...and I didn't have to take the test.

In Germany certain States have different rules on what you have to do to "trade in" your American license. For example...

California and Oregon - written test only
South Carolina - no testing at all
Georgia - written AND the driving test AND a first aid class AND driving school

So it's really different depending on which State you are coming from. However, if you have a Canadian license you fall into the "no testing required" category.

My husband and I both had Oregon licenses and so we were going to have to take the written test which is infamously difficult. Not the worse scenario, but not the easiest.

We were sneaky though. AND We followed all the rules of every country to do it...

Here is how you get a German license without taking the test.
1. Go to Canada.
2. Trade American license for a Canadian license.
3. Go to Germany.
4. Trade Candian license for a German license.

TA DA! No testing required. :)

While in Canada this summer with my CANADIAN husband we got our Canadian licenses. It took about ten minutes and $75.00. That was it!! Once our Canadian licenses were mailed to us we took them into the German DMV and WHOOLAA!! - we were handed our German licenses.

Still is kind of funny to think about how easy it was with my Canadian one... but I'm thrilled to be done with the entire Drivers License Drama! It even turns out I did it within my allotted time!


franziengland said...

SO fun!!! Well done! Are you smart enough to do that, you are smart enough to drive a car in Germany, ha ha.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Oh my god...if only it was so easy in DK!

However, the fact that they differentiate between states is really ridiculous considering that 1 state's license allows you to drive in ALL 49 others.... CRAZY!
but Tillykke!


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