Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Volleyball, Guitar, Writing

Sierra is back from her trip... I can't believe I went an entire week without talking to her! She survived and had a great time.

Did I mention Sierra is on the school volleyball team? Despite never watching a game before in my life, volleyball is my new favorite sport. :) This team she is on travels. My little Bear will travel by bus to the Netherlands this weekend, stay with a "host family", and play the International School of Netherlands in two volleyball matches! Insane what my children are doing! The following week Amsterdam will travel here so then I will "host" two girls from their volleyball team. The week after that Sierra will go to Copenhagen and then to Luxembourg... there goes my weekends, but I'm proud of her for doing it.

Speaking of other international schools... In Denmark it was ISAa. Here in Hamburg it is ISH.

I = International
S = School
? = Whatever country the school is in.

I went the entire two years in Denmark not knowing what ISAa stood for or why one "A" was lowercase. Aarhus is really spelled like this in Danish---> Århus ...with a little circle on top of the A, but my keyboard, and many keyboards, don't do that circley-A, so you can also write 2 A's. Thus ISAa. ...and I didn't figure that out until I saw ISH in Hamburg. 2nd A is lowercase because only the first letter in a name is capital.


Michaela is taking guitar lessons... they don't travel anywhere. :) BUT she is taking creative writing classes from a REAL author who comes to the school just to offer this afterschool class. I'm kind of making her do it... but she is an incredible writer! An unbelievable writer actually... like, I-thought-she-copied-it-from-a-book good. This winter I am making her start writing a book. She has until then to come up with a Harry Potter idea equivalent. I promise I will somehow get it published if she will write it. ...and anyone who reads this blog will be required to buy it. :)


Anonymous said...

we want a copy of the happy book!

hilde and eli

Ingrid said...

We will buy it too :)!!!
Great to hear about what the girls do! Was Sierra happy about the trip? You just mention you missed her, but not what they did. :-))
I agree with you regarding all the possibilities there is in a bigger school. We get new offers every day and it is really hard for the children to choose what to do. Linnéas soccer team is going to Paris in October, but Malin's volleyboll team will only stay on the Islands... I guess it is a bit easier for your school since they can take a bus or train.
Really fun and interesting with the writing course!! I would have loved to have that here too!

The Moose said...

As always, I love reading your blog and congrats to both your kids.

I too would love to buy a copy of her book when it comes out. :)


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