Sunday, September 26, 2010


Last night we went to a "Housewarming" party next door. Hmm.

I don't even know where to begin. I'll describe a "Housewarming" party. ...and maybe they are the same in the states, but I was a little in awe as we left this German Housewarming Party.

So. Here is how it works... so I'm told:

When new people move into a house they spend a year or so fixing it up getting it organized. THEN they invite over everyone they know as well as all the neighbors for a housewarming party. During this party all the guests are supposed to go look at their entire house! Roam through the bedrooms, stroll through the yard, try out the bathrooms... just basically look at their house. Hmmm.

Maybe it was fine for the other rich Germans that were there, but after we walked the walk home to our house next door we felt a little discouraged with our slacker IKEA accessorized home. I found myself slightly jealous during that three minute walk home... Of course my jealousy didn't last long though; Michaela had been babysitting for us... and when the oldest kid can babysit the other kids life is way better than any designer couch and famous artwork can make it!

Anyways, this party was a catered party... with "helpers" serving and cleaning the whole time. I felt like I had more in common with the "helpers". With the exception of the lady who owns/lives in our house and this families Swedish daughter we weren't able to speak to anyone because aside from ordering a coffee or asking for a small plate I don't know much else to say in German. :)

Unreal house though. I would have taken pictures because I don't understand how her trinkets and FULL bookshelves and living space looked nice and not "cluttery" despite being FULL. NI decided taking pictures would be tacky so I only took a picture of a book I saw because it said "Burgi" which is my maiden name. :) ...As we were leaving I saw someone with a video camera. Really, the house was that nice...

I wonder if I will have a super fancy yuppie house when my kids are old, but I'd have to guess not because I'm just not that into that sort of thing. Good thing too because my daughter took a crayon to the side of the couch today. Good thing I just discovered my IKEA couch is super easy to uncover and wash! :)

...and I don't really think they were showing off their house only because they were really nice people and I didn't get that impression from them at all. :)

I almost laugh at the thought of having a "Housewarming Party" for our house. :) Think anyone would care to see my toys and fuzzy rugs?


franziengland said...

Oh, so it was actually a Swedish housewarming party...??? Yeah, that is how we all do it back home in Sweden, ha ha ha ha.
Four more months to go until your party. Are we invited?
Or you could come over here and think you have the most beautiful home ever compared to ours :-)) .
Hugs! Good to see your texts here today!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

You could have a post-modern art show exhibit to showcase Andrea's artwork instead of a housewarming party?????

PiNG aka Patti said...

I have a friend back in the states who has that special ability - her shelves are packed top to bottom but everything appears to have been placed there on purpose -not because she needed places to stuff things. When I try that, it just looks silly!

Monica said...

I am completely with you - I would have felt more at home with the "hired help"! :)


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