Friday, September 3, 2010


My birthday was August 27th... My mom's was on the 30th... so Happy Birthday to us.

For my birthday I woke up, made the kids lunches, and got them all to school...

Then Andrea and I met a friend at the grocery store for coffee. :) I did all the shopping for Sierra's party.

I found a light bulb at the "home depot" for the broken night light that I had been trying to fix for four months.

I went home and Andrea took a nap. I almost took a nap with her, but decided to clean the house instead because I knew a cleaner house would make me happy.

I started making cakes for Sierra's birthday cake and realized I would be late picking the kids up. I called a friend who, in addition to her three kids, rounded up my three kids and brought them to the drive through pick up so I didn't have to get out my car. PS. It was pouring rain. PSS. It poured rain all day long.

Later that night my friend came to our house and watched the kids so Paul and I could go out to dinner. :) I ate my dinner while it was warm, I ate all of it myself, I even got dessert. :) When I got home the house was clean and decorated for Sierra's party the next morning.

I stayed up WAY too late making a cake for Sierra.

SO Happy Birthday to me and thanks to Shelly, the above mentioned friend. :)

OH, and my husband got me a gift certificate to a local spa ...and that makes me happy.

I called my mom for her birthday but I was really too tired to have a conversation. I think this next week will be easier...


Ingrid said...

That seems to have been an ok birthday to me. The SPA gift was a really good one I think!

Archaeogoddess said...

Happy Birthday! I think you could use a bit of pampering - all those birthday cakes! Makes my head spin (and my stomach growl... oh, cake!).

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I forgot how crazy things are in the Happy House in August!! ALLLLLL those birthdays!
Hope yours was WONDERFUL!!!!!!

Tillykke med fødselsdagen from the mother ship! :-)


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