Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm the Boss's Wife!

Happy Anniversary to me!

Paul and I had our anniversary over the weekend and we celebrated by going to his big work party. :)

I must admit that at first I was a little irritated to be spending my anniversary with his company, but it turned out really well! I think if we didn't have this party to go to we would have sat at home like any other normal Saturday. This forced me to put on dress, get a babysitter, and actually LEAVE THE HOUSE!

...and leave the house we did... for many, many hours! NINE hours to be exact! WOW. Now that just I counted up the hours, that is probably a record! I think the previous record of "time kids were left with a babysitter" was for the six hours it took me to go the hospital and have Andrea. :)

So despite my stressing over what to wear and how on earth to buy shoes in my size here... which by the way you don't buy shoes in my size here... I had to borrow a friends and make a note to order size 6 online for next time. (No lie... adult shoe stores do not sell shoes smaller than size 36, size 6 is seriously not an abnormally small size!)

Anyways, I had never been to anything like this party before... so yes, I might have stressed for an entire week, but it was actually quite fun and next time I'll know what to expect.

The party was for the company's birthday and it was a HUGE event. They set up a big tent at an airport... ...but not just a tent though. It was like a house tent, a mansion tent... with a huge dining area and a separate dancing area...

Throughout the dinner there were saxophone players dangling from the ceiling, girls dangling from curtains, and guys dangling from bendy lightposts... Lots of dangling... :) Maybe they were going for a circus theme because the tent was circus like and we watched these dangley circus acts throughout the dinner. Very interesting... weird... amusing. :)

This was also a unique event because I've never been referred to as the boss's wife... It was a bit weird, but the people I was dancing with said it was a bit weird to be dancing with the boss's wife. :) Some people were so surprised to see that I was Paul Happy's wife.

I don't know if I was really "cool enough" to be hanging out at the special reserved table with all the other bosses and their wives... who were all probably much more prepared for this event than I was! It was like eating with a bunch of professional adults, who I would never really associated myself... or Paul, with. :)

I mean I spend most of my day changing poopy diapers and coaxing children to eat vegetables and brush their teeth. ...but I guess Paul is one of those "professional adults" which just seems hilarious to me for some reason. I'm glad he is though because it was fun to be important with him for a night. :)

Considering all the other company parties I have been to have been in bowling alleys or behind the building this was a big difference and I'm actually looking forward to the next one! ...not that those bowling alley parties were not some of the best times Trini!! :)

I just had a nice night out and I was able to do it because I'm the boss's wife. :)

I might be the Boss's wife, but around here the wife IS the boss...


Ingrid said...

Of course I get it! Happy Hamburgers! It is really funny :) !
What a great party! You probably deserved it most of all the people there, but the didn't understood that :). I totally understand that you don't identify yourself with the title "the Boss's Wife", ha ha. It is SO the fifties :-))) .
Isn't it sad that it isn't very proper to take photos at those occations... I am sure you would have liked to share some dangling pics with us if you could have had to.
Who was the great babysitter??
My sisters shoe size is 35 and I know she has big problems finding shoes for herself, but very often she finds some at the childrens departments. But she doesn't use a lot of high heels...Oh my, Of Course you are the boss at home, I bet noone in the family doubt about that, ha ha ha.
Enjoy Erica! I miss you and wish i was there.... :-((((

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I love the new blog name! Inspired by one Ms. Holly R!
And I am so excited you got to get out for NINE hours! That is indeed a record!

Tillykke med bryllupsdagen!


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