Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back "Home"

These pictures are for Gwyn and Tatey... who have never been on an airplane and wanted to know what it was like. They will have to check out the youtube movie we made just for them!! :)

So yes, we are back home... been home for a while now, although I don't even know where "home" is anymore. :)

When we are here in Germany we talk about going "home" and things we miss from "home", but when we are in California or Canada we talk about going "home". So home is always wherever we are not. We are never home.

Hmmmm... That sounds depressing. Well, it kinda is. I guess I could take the "glass is half full" approach and pretend home is everywhere, but that would be a la-la-my-life-is-awesome comment more suitable for facebook. :) (Having a fed up with Facebook moment too.)

My main problem is that when I came back to my German "home", Shelly, one of my most favorite friends on earth, had moved back "home". Shelly was the first friend I made here in Germany and I never would have made it without her. Never.

...and the last few days have made me wonder if I will make it now that she is gone.

If I had a terrible day I would call her and she was guaranteed to have a worse story from her day: her oldest son peeing in his eye, her youngest son having a monster fit at the grocery store, or about her daughter voluntarily telling the entire school and all watching parents that she didn't brush her teeth that morning. :) I know I can still call her, and she will probably have some good stories, but it just isn't the same.

Even Scotty woke up on the first day of school excited to see Shelly's son, his first real best friend, Clay, at school. I had to explain to him that Clay moved back to America and wouldn't be in the school anymore. I thought Scott got it, but today he asked why he still isn't seeing Clay's name anywhere... "not even on library book or weekly helper list." that just means my little brown eyed boy is still looking for him. :(

So I'm still kinda bummed our friends have gone "home" ...and I kinda wish I had a home.

But maybe home is where you can pass out on the couch... in which case I guess we are home. :)

...but I guess by those standards that would make the London airport our home too...


Ingrid said...

Dear friend. It's so sad to read about how you will miss Shelly and her family! I think all of us who have moved like you can understand what you are talking about. I can't tell how glad I am none of our children's (or mine) close friends here left this summer. Our first experience of this was when Alex and Olivia moved home and I was chocked about how hard it was. It was heartbreaking and since that we have been through it over and over again. There will be new friends, but they are new once, not substitutes to the one you miss.
We have the same feeling of "home"-confusion. I hope to see you over here soon and you can try to feel like home in our house for a while :) . Tons of hugs!!!!

shellyk said...

We miss you guys like crazy!! Clay really misses Scotty. He had a dream about him and thought he was coming here. He asked me which house Scotty would be living at this school year. He really thought he'd be coming here. The nice thing about being stressed when you're 6 is that there's always comfort in pestering your little brother. We even elicited a "Wow!" from the pediatrician holy cow, you poor lady with 3 little maniac kids...and he was used to Americans. I vote you move here...all of you. Today. We need you.


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