Thursday, August 18, 2011


Maybe this is why I went off on healthcare last time...

...and did I mention that we bought travel insurance for our entire family for 18 euros a year? :) We did our best to use it this year. :) I'll be interested to see what they cover because I think we used every aspect possible.

Anyways, Andrea had woke up one night and was crying and was holding her eyes. It just so happened that there was the biggest thunder and lightening storm I've ever seen at the time so I thought she was scared. It was a long night with her whimpering and being sad. :(

As the night went on I started to think she was hurt. She started saying Oww and she wouldn't open her eyes at all. In the morning she still wouldn't open her eyes. She just sat there with both of her eyes closed. I was talking to her and telling her everything that I was doing so she would know. "Mommy is going to put on your socks." "Scotty is handing you your bunny right now." "Mommy is going to go potty so I'm going to stand you up on the floor." "We are going to the car now." "We are going inside the doctor's office so he can fix your eye." "Mommy has to open her purse so sit here and hold my arm." :( It was so sad, but I'd love her even if I had to do that forever. She just sat there, eyes closed, silent, still. :(

Anyways, I had taken mUm and we went to her eye doctor. We walked into the eye doctor completely unannounced and he saw us before we even had a chance to sit down. If you don't call, they can't tell you no ...and who can turn away a cute two year old? :)

I will forever love the eye doctor who made my daughter see again. :)

Andrea did great. She didn't cry at all.

The eye doctor put some numbing drops in her eye and we persuaded her to open it. Eventually she did and then we had to see what was wrong. She had to put her little tiny chin in the big grown up eye exam machine and hold on to the sides. :( She looked so tiny, but she did everything she was told. I was so surprised. She looked where she was supposed to, she was patient and sat still. I'm pretty sure she wanted to be helped.

It took a while, but the eye guy took some sand out of her eye. Then he had to flip her eyelid inside out to get one tiny piece of sand out. Ewww. She just sat there on my lap, little chin in the giant eye exam machine thingy...

In the end he took out just a few grains of sand, but her eye had been really scratched up. She was fine from that point on. Phew.

($90 and one hour) :)
(If you are going to get hurt in Canada, make it an emergency.)


Michaela had her braces break while in Canada. At first a wire popped out and snapped, but a jet ski crash took the entire bracket off her tooth. I took her to a random orthodontist who charged me $40 dollars to look at her mouth and say, "Wait until you get back to Germany to fix it". She did give us some grape wax in case we needed it. Ummmm thanks. :) :)

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C and H Romenesko said...

I think you've had your share of medical mishaps for the month of July! Goodness gracious. Finished up your package...need anything else?


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