Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Even though we are already home in Germany I have to backtrack and tell about Canada!

Starting with.... Andrea's Birthday!!

Andrea is THREE!!
She is such a big girl now and I'm SO happy I'm done with "babies"... Babies and little kids are great and all, but I've had a solid 12 years of it and I'm all done. :) I'll just play with my friends babies and send them home when bedtime comes.

Anyways... like her last two birthdays, Andrea spent the day with all of her Canadian family! She had a great day playing in the water, riding jet skis, fishing, and going tubing. She is definitely the adventurous one; although Scotty did manage to do all of the above as well, just not as willingly. :)

The birthday bonus this year was that Andrea wasn't afraid of her birthday cake!! ...and she was only afraid of a few presents. :) Ladybug sleeping bags and bumblebee umbrellas can be pretty frightening you know, but at least she was excited to open gifts like a normal kid. :)

Then came the birthday cake:

There she stood on a chair.
Surrounded by her brother and sisters and all eight of her cousins.
As we brought out the cake I quickly flashed back to last year when our loud, loving song emotionally destroyed her for the rest of the day.
I quickly warned everyone to sing quietly.
We all sang, not to loud, and the next forty seconds were one of the top ten experiences in my life.

As we were singing Andrea just looked around at everyone with the best smile on earth. A slightly embarrassed smile, but a genuinely happy smile, like the smile she would give a cute little bunny rabbit. Not a smile because she was given candy or tickled. It was a just a happy smile. A real happy smile. She just kept looking at each individual person and smiling. She totally knew that we were all singing to her. She knew she was special and she was loving it. I wished I made a movie, but these pictures will probably be put to more use.

...but I still wanted a movie so I made everyone sing again. :)

(I can't make it show up, all my videos can be found be searching for the keyword "kebearbug" on you tube.)

Her smiles are still cute and adorable, but just not the same as first round.

It's also funny because looking back it never even occurred to me to sing "Happy Birthday Dear.... Andrea". It naturally came out, "Happy Birthday Dear.... Poozie". :) Sorry Grandma who is not a fan of the nickname. :)

Here comes the trauma ...because we all know it's coming...

The cake, which she obviously loved, was now ready to be eaten. I asked her if she wanted one of it's sparkly ears. She said yes, and I cut the ear off and gave it to her. I had wondered how she'd feel about cutting her special kitty cat cake, but she seemed okay. I cut a few more pieces. Everything was fine ...then someone asked for the chocolate eye. As I cut the eye piece and handed it away I realized I had done a very, very, very bad thing.

Andrea pointed at the disfigured kitty cake and started yelling "Owwwie, Oww Owww". Her words quickly turned to hysterical crying and screaming and pointing. I had just slaughtered her cat and I was now serving it to her cousins who she, just a few second earlier, had smiled at with all the love in the world. Now she hated each and every one of us. :(

Figures, huh? I felt bad, but then again, I should have known better. Plain rectangular cake for Andrea next year.

I eventually had to take her away from the table and amuse her with the new non-scary toys until the cat eating was finished and all of the evidence was cleaned up. I gave her a Popsicle later as a special birthday treat because she obviously just has problems.

I love you and all your problems Poozie. :)

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franziengland said...

Sweet, sweet, adoreable Andrea! A late happy birhtday from us too! The photos are really nice and even if I for some reason can't hear anything on our computer right now, I liked the movie too.
She will love all your nice stories about her when she grows up :) . The cakes all looked as great as they normally do when you have made them!


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