Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boat Rides ....and healthcare. :)

We drove the boat to the park! :) How cool is that?!

Technically this is about two boat rides. Once we rode to the park, the next time we rode to Port Carling for ice cream. :)

Even Charlie the dog came with us. :) This is probably more amusing to me because I find it really amusing that we could ride a boat somewhere ...and park in a boat parking lot ...and instead of putting on seat belts we put on life jackets. :) Cool huh?

It is definitely cute. Even though I got motion sickness and Scotty fell asleep at the park because he had an ear infection and strept throat which later landed us in a walk in clinic for four hours to get antibiotics.

Canada got twelve points for fixing Happy's tooth quickly, but they lose 986 for making Scotty, Michaela, and Me wait in a walk in clinic for four hours before being seen by a doctor who was clearly in a hurry to get to the next person. ($50, antibiotics $30)

...and I only put the prices because people ask me about the health care over here in Europe. I'm not political, but I have some definite opinions on the health care now that I've used it in a few different countries ...and I do realize that it's only based on my own personal experiences, but it's my blog, I can write what I want. :) Nah.

Denmark: They gave me nothing. They were not concerned with my comfort. They were cheap and everything we dealt with there from child birth to ear infections was miserable. ...except for that time a doctor showed up at my door and gave me a shot in the butt. That was awesome. :) Everything else made me cringe.

Germany: We have the basic insurance, what I think most regular ole' Germans have. It's not private even though my husband says it is. :) I've never seen a bill. I only pay a $10 copay once every four months. Scotty gets speech therapy on a regular basis for free and anytime I show up at the apotek for antibiotics they give them to me for FREE. I see all the same doctors as those with private insurance and I don't have to wait.

America: I can't remember details, but I know copays were expensive and the girls being born put me in debt.... and my dad had to help me pay for insurance when Michaela was born or else I would have had zero coverage for her birth. Thanks Dad. I don't think the US is the worst though... I can see how it misses people, but honestly, nothing will be best for everyone. As a mom of four kids, someone will always be unhappy... :(

Canada: I'm not a citizen, but I've used it several times ...and from what I understand residents do the same thing I do unless they have private insurance. Not sure though. It's always been easy to get care, but it takes FOREVER!!! It's not silly expensive though

I'm not sure how a post about going on boat rides turned into health care, but there you have it. Tara's Opinion's on Healthcare. :)

Here is Scotty with an ear infection and strept throat. :) He's the best sick kid I know.

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