Monday, August 22, 2011

Superstar Scotty

Scotty is awesome.

He's definitely got the skills, The Boy just needs a little guidance. :)

He is checking to see how many "views" he has too. He told me ten people had viewed it. He seemed pretty proud about it too. :)

PS. It's Scotty's birthday today and Sierra's tomorrow!!! More to come about that obviously!! :) I'm excited to have a new 6 and 11 year old!

Maybe this 11 year old will be better than the last 11 year old I had. :) HA! I'm hilarious, huh Michaela?


PiNG aka Patti said...

Nice vid! I particularly like Poozie's backup dancing lol.

Nana said...

He's so serious!

Ingrid said...

Love this one, just watched it once again and felt immediately better :). Obviously Scotty likes this kind of music so much better then the one they have to sing at the concerts at school, ha ha ha.


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