Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Girls started school!

The girls started school yesterday and really enjoyed it! They are going to the International School in Aarhus so they can be taught in English. : ) They both recognized a few people in each of the classes from when we were here before so it made it easier on them to start mid-year. Plus all the kids were so happy to have more English speaking friends so they were welcomed with excitement.

Not much else about school yet, but here in Denmark they don't really like to "push" the kids to learn difficult things, or offer any challenges... which is fine I guess, but when we go back I need the girls to be at the same level as others in their grade so we also have "Mommy School". I just spend some extra time practicing things with them. I brought a lot of educational stuff from home like workbooks and games...

This time of year school is pretty much a big party anyways. They have ALL their field trips coming up and each of their classes are preforming a play next week. Looks like they made it just in time for the good stuff. (Just means more "Mommy School")

I'm still working on pictures, I don't have a laptop anymore and this computer doesn't like my memory card.

Mommy Made Dinner of the Night: Snitzel, Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread
(no claim to have spelt snitzel correctly) : )

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