Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's Christmas Eve Eve

(picture is from Oregon and unrelated to Christmas, but it's cute)

In Denmark the Danes all celebrate Christmas on the 24th and open their presents that night and then stay up all night playing with them. Santa visits Denmark that night to drop off gifts for any Americans that may be living here so that's why we are waiting until the 25th. This also explains how Santa can make it to all the houses all over the world in one night; he gets to skip some countries.

However Sierra was a bit concerned we didn't have a chimney for Santa to come down, but after a long discussion with our Danish friend about what exactly a "chimney" translates to in Danish, he explained that when he built this house he put a skylight in the roof for Santa instead of a chimney since he always though Chimneys were dirty and small. Good thing Santa doesn't have to fit in the radiator like I thought.. that did seem a bit impossible!

So Santa will be here soon, our tree is up and FULLY decorated. I'll take lots of pictures... Tomorrow we'll cook our goose and make some chocolate pudding for Nisse, who is a little tricky elf that visits on Christmas Eve - but pudding makes him nice and happy... and he may even leave a gift! I'll make plenty of pudding for us too and I'm supposed to hide an Almond in it so whoever gets the Almond gets the "Almond Present"! : )

(I do hope chocolate pudding is okay with Nisse because we don't like rice pudding). and the stores are all closed for the next four days! No day-after-Christmas shopping for me!

I went to the store today and nearly emptied the grocery store of 1.5% milk. :) I almost felt bad since I nearly took it all... Hey every American for themelves. :) I guess there was the expensive milk left... you know the milk that costs $10.00 a gallon instead of $7.00. What a bargin! I'm just glad I did my Christmas shopping in the States.

night night,

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