Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

Santa still found us... even in Denmark! And the little Nisse elfs didn't play any tricks on us, instead they left us Chocolate Euros!

I can't even list the plethra of presents we all recieved. Sierra was most happy with her heeleys and Michaela was thrilled to have new Wii games to play. ...and little Scotty, well all he cared about was his big train table. Scott still has unopened gifts! I finally took some back to save for his birthday! He was more than content to open one at a time and play a while before being coaxed into opening another present.

It was a fun day and everyone was happy. Now it's time to clean up the mess and finish putting together the house I guess. That should entertain me for a while!

...and despite my last little note saying we were eating Goose on Christmas Eve, we didn't. We had steak. :) It was yummy. We did end up having rice pudding. Not so yummy.


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Craig said...

We loved the pictures. We showed them to many of your relatives in Utah. If you though it was cold in Denmark...check out Logan's weather. Bye for now...Dad & Mom Burgi


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