Friday, December 7, 2007


When we first arrived one of the other mothers saw Sierra's white fur-lined coat and joked "I wonder how long that coat will stay white." Answer: Two days.

At school the playground is the equivilant of a giant mud puddle. I pick them up from school and they are covered in mud. They've fallen on their bums, knees, backs, hands, and arms... They've had muddy soccer balls hit them and when they run mud splatters up the back of them. It's GREAT.

I should lay some plastic down in the car... luckily the seats are leather. As soon as the little mud balls walk in the front door everything from shoes to coats is stuck in the washer to get cleaned up for another day of abuse.

I think Michaela should start a MUD blog and every day she can type out her fantastic "mud story" of the day. Today's story involved a big hill and bushes... it was very detailed and took 15 minutes to tell. Sierra's mud story: She was trying to go up the hill and around the mud puddle but the hill turned into a mud slide. Obviously not her fault.

My poor little displaced California girls.


Corrine said...

Can't they play where it isn't muddy?
That just doesn't seem right. I can't imagine what there class room looks like!

tara said...

It's muddy everywhere! I'll take a picture : )
The kids aren't allowed to wear shoes in the classroom, they have special indoor shoes - just a type of sturdy slipper. Danish people never wear outdoor shoes inside (and now I know why)!


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