Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am cold.

OUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! Look what I did! Pictures! (a little un-centered)

I wanted to describe how cold I am and figured only pictures could protray my coldness. For a few days evertyhing had frost on it - all day long... and frost all day long means it never gets above freezing... and freezing is cold. (The mud froze though) :)

We all thought the frozen spider web was really neat though... The other pictures are of our front and back yard... The frost did make everything look very pretty though. It didn't snow, but it looked like it, you can't really tell in the pictures though. From what I hear it doesn't snow much here; maybe once or twice a year.

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year, so after that it's 3.5 more minutes of sunshine every day. :) Soon enough I'll be complaining about the sun rise at 3am...

1 comment:

Corrine said...

Yeah, pictures!!!!!
Love the spider webs too!!!


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