Monday, June 7, 2010


Michaela (KE) left us... Guess where their week long 6th grade class trip was to this year...

Denmark. :)

So she is back in Denmark this week at a camp where they do Stone Age/Viking type things. I even signed the permission slip and checked the box that said my daughter was NOT allowed to witness an animal slaughter. I tried to be very open minded about this stupid idea and allow her to decide for herself what she would like to do. When she said, "No way", I was secretly very happy. I think that would be a bit much and could traumatize any kids who think it would be sooooo cool... seriously, dumb idea. :(

Either way, they will have lots of fun, I'm sure of it. This was the first trip for her that I didn't supervise packing either! She is getting older! I hope the weather is good for them this week, but it's not looking too promising. :) I guess I'll just hose her and her belongings off when she returns on Friday. Andrea and Scotty will miss her the most, they love their big sister. I think Sierra misses her too because she is hanging around me a lot more. :)

With Michaela's bus picture I forgot to mention that Scotty's class went on a field trip last week to the zoo. They were WAY COOLER though because they got to ride in the Hamburg Freezers Ice Hockey team's bus. :) I think when they got to the zoo, people thought the Freezers were there... until a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds piled off. :) The bus with an upstairs and TVs and clocks and seatbelts was a definite highlight of the trip for The Boy. Scotty is pretty cute... and still loves school.
See Scotty? He got the seat in the front... to the left of the ice hockey man. :)
I remember when KE went to the zoo... :)

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