Thursday, June 3, 2010


Once I really had to go potty but refused to pay the required 50 cents to do so. So I didn't go. I waited ALL THE WAY UNTIL WE GOT HOME. 50 cents to pee. Whatever...

THIS TIME it was 70 cents... that's like an entire AMERICAN DOLLAR!! An entire dollar to go potty!!?? I couldn't believe it! I paid though, I hope Michaela and her bladder appreciated it! :)

It wasn't even the kind where you just put money in a dish, you had to insert money into the machine and then go through the turnstyle thingy... After she went in I realized I should have just made her crawl under. 70 cents. UGH

I'll never get used to paying to use bathrooms everywhere: shopping malls, grocery stores, banks, bus stations, movie theaters, gas stations, rest stops. I've even paid to go potty in a porta potty! IN AMERICA.... going potty is free. :)

...AND don't tell me that when you pay then the bathroom is cleaner because that isn't always the case. Sometimes yes, but sometimes not.

I wonder though, who is the "bathroom attendant"? I always thought it was just someone who claimed a gas station bathroom as their own; just like a homeless person would claim a corner as their own to ask for money. But now that bathroom attendants are everywhere I wonder. Is the bathroom attendant actually employed? Do they get a paycheck? Do they go to bathroom attendant school?

I just don't like paying the turn style one. I'm happier putting money in a dish. I'd be less annoyed at paying 70 cents if someone didn't ASK for 70 cents. I'd rather give 70 cents out of the goodness of my heart, then I feel generous and that makes me happy. ...and I do actually pay alot. I mean, if someone stuck is in a mall bathroom all day while I am out shopping buying whatever I want. I usually give them a euro... but then again I'm taking four kids potty so maybe I really am being cheap. :) Maybe I should toss down a tooney next time. :) That's my cool Canadian lingo... "tooney". Is there a cool word for the 2 euro coin I should know?

night night

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PiNG aka Patti said...

I ran into that same issue in Stockholm - so annoying! In the train station there was not only a turnstile, but an actual guard standing next to it :/


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