Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ugliest Thanksgiving Ever

I decided to cook a turkey and make a mini-Thanksgiving. I decided to go all out and even make a pumpkin pie!

Good thing I tried before the real November holiday. I used puff pastry on accident for my pie crust and it puffed and went all funky. I also learned that evaporated milk cans from England have three more ounces in than a standard American can. Try scooping only the milk out of a pie mix... It tasted good though. I don't like the crust anyways...

At least I added the eggs Grandma!!

...and my turkey. It was super ugly. I tried to cook it in an imported oven bag, which are pretty handy and it worked fine... but it turned out quite ugly, but tasty! In my defense it was a scrawny chicken-sized turkey which started out a bit odd looking..

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