Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ein, Eine, Der, Die, Das

Get this.

...and before I start I'll mention the number of people speaking German around the world is decreasing. Gee, wonder why.

Every noun is a girl or a boy or nothing.

Der - male
Die - female
Das - neutral

I get this... It's the same in Spanish.

However, unlike Spanish you can't assume a words gender based on how it sounds. In Spanish, el gato, el platano: have "o" at the end so they are boys. la casa has an "a" at the end, it's a girl. This usually works and you can get by.

In GERMAN there is no reasoning to it.
der stuhl - the seat - boy
der kuli - the pen - boy
die lampe - the lamp - girl
die uhr - the clock - girl
das telefon - the telephone - neutral

The gender of a word determines words in the entire sentence, not just adjectives!!
Andrea says, "Das ist meine tasse."
Scotty says, "Das ist mein tasse."

I thought easy enough, I'll just learn the girl words since I'm a girl.

But I say, "Das ist dein tasse Scotty, und das ist deine tasse Andrea."

BUT, if the cup, which is a girl.... was a boy like a chair.

Wait, ???? I don't know. I thought I was doing good. Oh, I'm confused I have no idea anymore...

An hour and a half of German lessons twice a week and I'm more confused than when I started...


PiNG aka Patti said...

Isn't there also some bizarre thing where you have to capitalize all your nouns?

Ingrid said...

Oh, this wont be easy. Try to practise this already now and impress your German teacher:

uber (add two spots over the u)

Those are the prepositions that you will have to learn sooner or later. Even if I haven't spoken a word of Germen since 17 years old, I still can say all those above.
Tell me when you are done...

Anonymous said...

ooooerrrrr, my head has melted. Tooo much language.

Z :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's always "das ist meine Tasse", regardless if you are girl or a boy. "Das ist mein Tasse", is wrong, because "Tasse" is the "girl" in this sentence.
I know it's totally confusing.
Good luck! :-)

Anonymous said...

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