Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our recent guests!

Yep, last weekend we had some more visitors to the Happy Hotel. :) I love my friends!

Kerstin and her family came to see us because this summer are moving to Stockholm to escape the joys of Denmark. :) Kerstin is my friend who used to hang out with me all the time until she got a job and moved far away to Horsens... (near the Target, hee hee)

She and her family are so much fun, we loved having them. When they arrived on Saturday we walked down to a see a little horse derby going on. A few weekends ago they had the big Championship Derby, so I don't think this was a big event, but it was free and cute to see horses jumping over those poles. We rode the train home, fed the kids some macaroni and cheese, cooked some salmon for the grown ups and had a nice evening after we got ALL SIX kids to sleep. :)

The next day we all slept in and ate a big breakfast... Since it was raining we headed off to the Hauptbahnhof train station where we found.... Pizza Hut, Subway, KFC, and Haagen Dazs. We came home VERY full after our American Food Binge and then we had to say goodbye. We miss them...

I was talking to another mom the other day... I was telling her how I have found a definite perk of this International Lifestyle we have... and it's one that comes from the biggest downside... How is that for looking at the bright side of things? :) I'm so positive. :)

Anyways, the worst part about being in our "ex-pat" situation and living here is that all our friends come and go... you are never with anyone for more than a couple years. You always know that soon your friends will leave and it's honestly impossible to have faith that new ones will show up... although they always do.

However, just from a couple years in Denmark... My friends are starting to move around the globe and I'm ending up with friends everywhere! I have all these new "vacation destinations!" When Kerstin arrives in Stockholm we will be definitely be visiting... I'll go say Hi to Ingrid in London... and I know Holly will always have a batch of peanut butter cookies waiting for me in the US of A! ...and of course all my friends who are still in DK, I'm headed that way in a few weeks to say hi! :)

I still miss my friends back home too... Hi Trini!!! I SOOOOO can't wait to see you in July! As soon as I get those tickets confirmed you will be the first person I call! Love ya!!

I get jealous of all Trini's "new" friends that I hear her talk about and write about... and I'm sure she may feel the same about my "new" friends, but there will never be another Trini and nobody will EVER do the things we have done! (Thank Goodness!!) Scooby Snacks... they were green, Catalina Island... after we walked to that place that wasn't a casnio and before I bought those ugly orange sunglasses I thought were SOOOO cool and I still have. :) You have to remember those!!!

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