Friday, June 25, 2010

What should I do?

Andrea is the most stubborn, determined, strong-willed, and opinionated little person I know.

She will NOT, no matter how hard I try, keep a clip or barrette in her hair. I"ve tried various sizes, types, ones with cute kitties on them. Our family even walked around with clips in OUR hair for a day. I tried to hold her hands down and let her cry until she forgot it was in her hair, but I can't hold her hands down all day. I've tried candy while I'm putting it in but on the off chance I sneak it in her hair she always finds it and then is suspicious of whenever I touch her hair after that.

But her hair ALWAYS in her face. It's floppy and straight and so fine, and I'm always blowing in her face to push it out of the way. It doesn't even have a part that goes a certain way... it just goes down. her face a shaggy dog. You would think it would drive her crazy but she doesn't care.

I think I will have to cut it. Bangs? Or would that make it look even worse???


Anonymous said...

Bangs. Because they grow back if not liked ;)

Z :)

Fuzzy said...

Short bangs would be adorable.

Either that, or let her live with the inconvenience until she realizes how much cuter other hairstyles are.


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