Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yippie for California!

We made it to California... and we are finally sleeping at the right time. Being up before 3am was getting pretty old.

The flight was long and not so fun. I found myself hoping the drunk guy two rows up would become really "uncooperative" and we'd have to land the plane. I was also hoping the lady behind us getting sick would require immediate medical attention and we'd have to land the plane. I didn't care... just get me off the plane. :) No early landings... 11 hours later we arrived in San Francisco and just a short three hours later we were through customs and hugging Nana!

Really though, Michaela and Sierra and Scotty were great. I always get so many comments on how great they were. Michaela took care of Scotty the entire flight. Cut his chicken, blew on the hot noodles, shared her ipod.

Andrea wasn't happy with the flight. I guess she did fine until she got tired, luckily I had her car seat and she just got strapped in and cried but eventually she would calm down and fall asleep. 11 hours was long. I'm not sure if I'll do that again.

BUT we are here and enjoying the sun. It's not too hot so I'm not complaining yet... It's just a warm bright sun and I love that Scotty wears sunglasses everywhere. :)

More later...

We miss you Happy.


Kelli Nørgaard said...

So glad you made it home!!! And you are one brave woman doing this with the kiddoes by yourself!!! You are super mom!

KP said...

Just catching up on your blog Tara--seeing pics of you and the kids makes me miss you!!!! Hope you're having a great time at home. We move to Luxembourg in 3 weeks. Let's plan a rendezvous with the kids somewhere between us OK???

KP said...
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Ingrid said...

Well done!!!! That is my experience too, when the children really need to behave, they do. Of course Andrea is to little to think like that...
You couldn't actually have landed in the Atlantic anyway :-) .
Now you are there and that is what matters. I hope you will have a superdupergreat time at home with sunny days all the way! The sun is shining over here too. Great!

Michaela said...

Of course Andrea was only unhappy because we 'lost' brown bunny in our stroller. So Bunny took a flight in the cargo area. I am making Bunny a collar and passport. :)


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