Monday, July 5, 2010

USA #1

Happy Birthday America :)

This year the 4th of July fell on Sunday so some towns chose to have their big firework show on Saturday. Why? Happy will love this. Because security, fire departments, and police all would require to be paid double time on Sunday, but only regular time on Saturday. I've heard a lot of news about cities cutting back on their Fourth of July budgets so I guess it was cheaper to change the date that Independence Day has been on for the past 250+ years. :) I thought it was dumb and a bit cheap to do it on the third, but actually it worked out great for us. :) We cashed in on TWO firework shows. :)

Saturday the third, we went to my cousin Tawna's house near Sacramento. Her house is right near the high school where they set off the big fireworks so we were able to just hang out in her front yard and watch from there. She had a big party and it was lots of fun to see the family. Michaela, Sierra, and Scotty really liked it, and Andrea... well, she hated it.

Andrea was not impressed by the weenies across the street lighting bomb-like M-80s... they are like a 1/4 stick of dynamite?? SO LOUD. NOT SO SMART NEIGHBORS you have Tawna. :) I've decided that a real bomb must be unbelievably loud... like lose-your-hearing loud. The M-80s were before the real firework show that compensates for the loud sounds with pretty lights, so for the entire night Andrea just focused on the loud booms and NOT the pretty lights. During the fireworks Andrea had a tight grip on me and refused to look at the fireworks. She watched Looney Toons on my iPhone and would glance up every now again... but she never did lift her head. :) Cute little kid.

...and Happy Birthday Aunt Gail. She gets fireworks on her birthday. Lucky Girl. :)

(sorry 3rd of July pictures on another camera I didn't bring the card reader for. Paul can you bring the XD card reader with you!) xxoo

On the real Fourth of July we spent the day with my Grandma. The kids played outside and I was able to deliver all my German newspapers and magazines to my Aunt Ingrid who is from Germany. She is a devoted Germany Soccer Fan and was happy to read about the game where Germany kicked England's BUTT. :) ...not the time Germany kicked Argentina's BUTT... :) Paul can bring those newspapers... I've decided soccer is pretty fun to watch, maybe it's just because they are the good teams, but it's pretty exciting if you get into it. I'll support Ingrid and root for Germany now since the US is out. Plus, maybe if Germany wins the people will all be happier and nicer to me when I get back. :)

So on the 4th we hung out with Sophie and Buddy at the dog park, went out for breakfast and ate greasy American food that sat in my stomach like a lead weight afterwards... but was yummy! :) We played at Grandma's house, then drove back to Tracy and the girls went with their dad to see the Fourth's fireworks.

was happy for Round Two of fireworks on the real Fourth of July. I took Scotty and Andrea to the high school and we watched from there. It was a really cool (as in temperature) night and we ran around chasing a soccer ball on the same soccer field I played high school soccer on. :) We bought glow in the dark necklaces with some money Papa gave us and we ate KFC ...which sat in my stomach like a lead weight afterwards... but was yummy! :) Andrea liked the fireworks the second time around though. Maybe "liked" isn't the word... she didn't "hate" it. :) She watched them the whole time and even clapped when everyone else did. :)

I know Denmark (maybe Germany) has WAY more firework action on New Year's Eve... but I still like the Fourth of July fireworks here. I guess technically I like the time before the fireworks: the hot day has cooled off, we had a big blanket to lay on, we were surrounded by friendly people all playing with balls and dancing to loud fun music. Everyone is throwing and kicking balls everywhere and everyone is happy. Everyone kicks and throws any ball that comes their way... loud fun music is dancing, everyone is singing and dancing... It's fun and I LIKE IT. Scotty has been carrying things for me lately. He says it is because he is almost five and stronger now.

We still miss you though Happy...
This is what my hair looks like now. :)


Anonymous said...

what happened to your hair...this is about 18 tones darker then you natural hair colour.

You're confused sometimes.

love happy

Ingrid said...

Wow, so much fun!!! Nice t-shirts on the children!
Your hair looks fine :-) !


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