Friday, July 16, 2010

Shopping Spree...and I hate my bank.

First I'll whine about my Bank. It's not even a real bank. It's a Credit Union. ...and I don't even know what a Credit Union is or what the difference is of that and a bank. It's called Uncle Credit Union. Dumb name too...

Anyways. Every month our renters deposit checks into our account. They write our account number on the back and mail it to the bank... AND every month it goes into our Checking Account, except for this month because I'm in town actually USING the account... No really though, who knows why the bank chose to put the money into Savings, but APPARENTLY if you don't specify "checking" or "savings" the bank teller is free to put your money where ever they so choose so. Just "eenie-meenie-miney-mo... put-the-money-there."

"No procedure?", I asked. NOPE.
"No default process?", I asked. NOPE.
"Can I have my fees back please?" NOPE.

Nevermind that for the past 2.5 YEARS the money has gone into our Checking Account and our renters did the same thing this month as they do every month. That would lead someone to believe money by default, or bank protocol... mailed checks are deposited into Checking. NOPE, no process though... eenie-meeie-miney-mo-i-work-in-a-la-la-la-dumb-fake-wanna-be-bank!!

I talked to the Manager. It ended with me telling her that was stupid. A Bank Teller can just decide where to stick the money?? La De Da Savings for you, La Da De Checking for you... Wheeee fun? Then I told her I had a hard time believing that a bank that has rules and fees for everything and pages and pages of "small print" would not have a written procedure for handling people's money. I hope that manager gets sick.

It was at this point that I decided to close my account. "Give me all my money please." :) I waited a few minutes for them to transfer everything out of my account and then I said, "No, nevermind. Put it all back. I don't want to deal with finding a new bank now. I'll just have my husband call you." :)

Then for fun, after she transferred it all BACK, I told her, "I changed my mind again. Please close the account and give me all my money." ...then I looked at her and smiled. "Just Kidding". At least she smiled, I wasn't mad at her... just the bank... and the dumb manager who wore too much make up.

Really, I'm not mean... even though I spent a good 15 minutes harassing them to the point even Paul would have been proud. I'm just sure that the bank MUST have some rules for handling money, rather than... "stick it in whatever account you feel like it."

Go get em' Happy. Get my fees back. I tried and I lost. :( They made your wife mad and hurt her feelings. Are you going to let that nasty bank manager talk to me like that? Call them and tell them they are dumb. Get our money back. PS. Sorry I lost it to begin with! :)

I left the bank. Went to Starbucks and got a Latte to feel better. ...and went about my Shopping Spree Day. I had left Scotty behind and just had Andrea with me and we went to the BIG mall. Shopping with Andrea was slightly similar to torture. I guess it worked out for the most part though because I was able to buy some things and she probably saved me lots of money.

Then I came home and traded kids with Nana. I left her Andrea and took Scotty and went out to the small mall. This was a much more productive/expensive shopping trip. I bought pants that are short enough for me and lots of clothes for myself. I didn't by a kid one thing! (Except for a shirt and pants for Scotty)

:) ...and I got a great luggage set. :) It makes me happy... surprisingly happy. I actually LOVE our new luggage. I think I'll use that plastic wrapper at the airport and wrap them up so they dont' get dirty. :) Don't worry Happy, I'll get rid of three of those mismatched ghetto ones. :)

We miss you Happy!


Kelli Nørgaard said...

First, a LATTE always makes things better!!
Second, my bank did a stupid thing as well this spring to the point that this week (SIX MONTHS LATER), I received a letter that it was all fixed!
And Third, WHAT?!!!!!! You are getting rid of your Goodwill luggage?? But it's vintage?!

Anonymous said...


Oh you should get yourself with a DANISH bank. They are just perfect.

*straight face*

Z :P

Ingrid said...

Wow, sounds superstrange to me that a bank could do like that. I also believe there must be some rules... I can see your upset face in front of me, but I can't believe you had them finish your account and then have them take it all back again. That is REALLY cool!!! And only you would do that :-) .
Great to hear that you did some shopping for yourself. I look forward to see the rest of the photos from the summer since I guess I will see some of the new outfits there...
When Joan came over to visit us, they had used some special plastic bags that sucks out all the air from the clothes so it took much less space in the suitcase. I guess you have the same thing, I had never heard about it and I am sure we don't have anything like that here in Scandinavia (oops, just forgot that I am not in Scandinavia any longer... :) ).


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