Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Little Audrey! :)

Here is my little niece, Audrey. :) She is eight months old and such a cute, tiny, lightweight little thing! She loves me. :) Well she loves everyone because she's so happy all the time!

I thought Andrea would get mad if I held her, but I think Andrea kind of likes her too. Of course all toys in the entire house are Andrea's... duh.

Actually, Andrea will share, but she is much happier about it if you first give the toy to her and she gives it to Audrey. Andrea will decide who plays with what around here. :) Good thing Audrey just smiles about it all.

Scotty likes Audrey too. I asked if he wanted to hold her and he jumped up. He piles toys on her and tries to talk to her in a baby voice. :)

1 comment:

Ingrid said...

I agree, supercute! :-))
It is so much fun to see the reaction from the normally youngest ones, when they all of a sudden comes together with someone youger than themselves...
I realize that Andrea is getting older too, even if I still think she is very young.


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