Monday, July 19, 2010

Dog Park

...Now going from pictures taken long ago with the kids camera... since mine is still missing. :( But I have to have pictures or Daddy will be sad, he misses us.

The big white dog is Sophie. We adopted her when Scotty was just a few months old but when the Denmark move came up two years later we chose to give her a happier life with my Uncle Bruce and his dog Buddy. Buddy needed a friend and Uncle was looking for another dog to be that friend... and we knew our lives would suddenly have us traveling more... not the best for a big dog that loves people.

So nearly three years later and Sophie and Buddy are best friends and I'm sure they are two of the happiest dogs on earth!! Spoiled to death and adored by Bruce and Ingrid. And we are SOOOOO happy to know Sophie is well taken care of.

Sophie usually has really long hair... like her tail. This is her summer haircut. :) AND her tongue is the longest dog tongue I have ever seen in my life. ...but I will admit to not looking at too many dog tongues. :)

1 comment:

Michaela Rules!!! said...

I have a longer tongue than Sophie. I have the longest tongue.

I would put a smiley but somebody put the laptop on GERMAN. And now it is hard to use the z and the y and the apostrophe. UGH!


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