Sunday, July 18, 2010

Auntie Trini and Uncle Frankie

We went to my friend Trini's house. :)

She is my bestest American friend ever. :) She and her husband, Frankie, BBQ'd for us and then we went to a little water park around the corner from their house. I love having friends that I can be away from for a year, then show up and have it be like I never left. :) So easy... Love ya' Trini!!!

My plan was to put lots of pictures up, but my missing camera is making that difficult. :(

I'll have to tell you that Trini is strong enough to pick me up.
Frankie's hat ended up very soggy after the water park.
Trini ended up very soggy after the water park.
Andrea loves tortilla chips dipped in cottage cheese.
I learned new tricks with ginger and lemons.
Sierra and Scotty played in the water mister forever and I want to bring one home. (Paul will it fit our German hose thingy? It's only $20.00 and hardly uses any water! Can I have one?)
Michaela ate the biggest two scooped ice cream cone on the planet... one that MOMMY never would have let her get. Auntie Trini spoils my kids... :)

I'm pretty sure the camera isn't gone forever... I'm on a rescue mission to Sacramento to see if I left it at my grandmas. I hope so!!!

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Ingrid said...

Great people normally have great friends :-) .


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